In pictures: E3 shows off latest video games

6 June 2012 Last updated at 09:35

Check out some of the latest games and hardware from the world's biggest video games show, including the new Wii console.
Band Fuse: Rock Legends
The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has started in Los Angeles. It shows off the latest video games and hardware - here some visitors try out Band Fuse: Rock Legends. The game lets players connect real guitars and microphones to their console.
Wii U
One of the main announcements so far has been Nintendo's Wii U console. The game pads feature a touchscreen which Nintendo claims will help "revolutionise" gaming.
Mario presentation at E3
The company has revealed more than 20 games for the new console, including versions of classic games like Mario Brothers. No firm release date has been set yet but Nintendo has hinted it should be in the shops by Christmas.
'Alien' power loader at E3
An E3 visitor takes the opportunity to recreate a famous scene from the Alien films using the 'power loader' that Sigourney Weaver straps into during the second movie.
Assassin's Creed 3
Assassin's Creed 3 is another game being shown off at the LA show. Sony held a press conference to promote the adventure, which has been three years in the making and takes place in the late 18th Century. It's set for release at the end of October.
Halo 4 briefing at E3
Microsoft also put on an event to publicise the much-anticipated Halo 4. The latest instalment in the mega-selling franchise is out at the start of November.
E3 also regularly features celebrity appearances as the companies compete to draw attention to their game. Here Usher takes to the stage to promote the Kinect game Dance Central 3.