Voice live shows need to change, says BBC One controller

The controller of BBC One has admitted that changes need to be made to the live shows of The Voice.

Danny Cohen says the show's creators and UK production team will start looking at ways to improve the final stages of the talent series.

"It's still on track to be the biggest entertainment series launch on BBC One in over a decade," he said.

"I think we've had a few teething problems with the live shows but they're still consolidating with audiences of over 8 million."

As well as problems with the live show, ratings have fallen since The Voice was first shown.

Twelve million people watched one episode at the beginning of the series but numbers are now down to around six million an episode.


There's also been some criticism from the show's creator, John de Mol, who's also behind shows like Big Brother and Deal or no Deal.

He thinks the judges weren't involved enough in the semi-final stage and wants changes made.

BBC One controller Danny Cohen thinks the criticism is partly justified.

"I think John [de Mol] has been very supportive of us and the format," he said.

"I think what John's said, I don't massively disagree with. We'll take some things away and learn from them.

"We'll take away a few things from the live shows to tinker with for series two."

None of the judges - Jessie J, will.i.am, Danny O'Donoghue and Sir Tom Jones - have said if they will be returning for the second series of The Voice.

But Jones, 71, thinks the show should be more about the music rather than the contestants' back stories.

"I think it came in maybe too high to begin with and now it's levelled off," he said. "But it's still great and the audience is great.

"I'd like to see more concentration on the music and less TV."

The winner of The Voice wins a recording contract with Universal.

The final eight contestants will also take part in a tour of arenas around the UK from September.