Gamers prepare for E3 video game expo in Los Angeles

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 screenshot

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, gets under way this week (7-9 June).

Held at the Los Angeles Convention Centre in America it is one of the biggest video gaming conferences in the world.

This year fans are getting ready for a number of exclusives.

Our technology reporter Dan Whitworth has been looking into which ones might make the headlines.

Nintendo's "Wii 2"

Called Project café this is Nintendo's widely anticipated successor to the Wii console.

With a likely release date sometime in 2012 it's rumoured to have touch screens in the controllers.

People at E3 may be able to get their hands on one to try out for themselves.

Whatever it does have, Nintendo will be hoping to help build on the enormous success of the original Wii which catapulted the Japanese firm back to the top of the video game industry.

Sony's next generation portable

The hotly-anticipated update to Sony's PlayStation Portable will be available for gamers to play.

There should also be more details about the final version of what it's going to be called and more details surrounding its release.

That includes how much it will cost and exactly what date it'll be out.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Fans should finally get to join journalists and industry watchers in being shown new parts of the latest in the Call of Duty series of games.

Modern Warfare 3 is not due out until its worldwide release on 8 November and features city landscapes like New York, London and Paris.

There's no doubt it will be one of the year's biggest games but some fans will be hoping for something new and a bit different in the face of strong competition from other first person shooters.

Grand Theft Auto and Xbox tie in

There are rumours that one of the video game industry's most successful series may announce some kind of short-term deal with Xbox.

Whether that would make it exclusive to the console for a limited time or permanently remains to be seen but fans of the series will be watching closely.

Xbox 360 3D

There are more rumours about Xbox, this time as to whether or not Microsoft will announce some kind of new software for its 360 console.

That could possibly have to do with 3D.