Porn firm Hustler fined for not giving actors condoms

Hustler poster

Two porn companies in California have been fined today (31 March 2011) after actors failed to use condoms on set.

Larry Flynt's Hustler and Forsaken Pictures are accused of not protecting performers from exposure to disease.

The porn industry in America, worth billions of dollars, asks its actors to have monthly blood tests but wearing a condom on set isn't mandatory.

Last year an actor tested positive for HIV with several firms shutting down production while it was investigated.

In 2005, it was revealed another porn star with the virus had infected four women he worked with.

Tougher rules surrounding the possible compulsory use of condoms in porn films could be introduced later this year in California.

'Protective equipment'

Hustler faces $14,175 (£8,785) in fines for breaking three rules including failure to provide condoms or other protective equipment.

A California official said the porn firm had "failed to ensure the use of appropriate personal protective equipment, such as condoms" to protect its employees in the course of producing adult videos.

Larry Flynt
A film was made about Larry Flynt's life called The People vs. Larry Flynt

The fines are based on the same section of the state's law that also requires hospitals to provide nurses with protective gear.

It was also accused of failing to maintain written injury and illness policies and for failing to provide workers with vaccines for hepatitis B.

Forsaken Pictures faces fines of $12,150 (£7,530) for similar offences last September.

The two firms were investigated after complaints from the Aids Healthcare Foundation, a non-profit company based in LA that advocates safe sex in pornography.

Larry Flynt, who launched Hustler magazine in 1974, has said in the past that audiences don't want to watch porn in which actors use condoms.

A film was made about his life in 1996 called The People vs. Larry Flynt which starred Woody Harrelson, Courtney Love as his wife Althea and Edward Norton.