In pictures: Haiti one year on

12 January 2011 Last updated at 06:19

To mark the first anniversary of the devastating Haiti earthquake, Newsbeat visits the country to see how it's coping.
Girl crying
The 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Caribbean country in January 2010. Its epicentre was about 10 miles from the densely populated capital, Port-Au-Prince.
Girl in ruins of supermarket
Buildings across much of the island were reduced to rubble and the death toll eventually surpassed 230,000 people.
Discarded food aid cans
One year on there are still signs of the massive rescue effort launched by international aid agencies, who sent food, shelter and medical aid.
Sima Kotecha filming in Haiti
Newsbeat's US reporter Sima Kotecha and video producer James Fletcher have been visiting the country and speaking to people on the island to see how they're coping. You can see and listen to their reports all this week on Newsbeat.
Girl skipping
Some children lost parents in the earthquake, or were left at orphanages as their parents could no longer afford to look after them.
Ruined buildings
Despite many dangerous building being demolished, the scars of the disaster are still obvious across the capital city.
Mass of tents and temporary shelters
One and a half million people became homeless and about 800,000 still live in temporary camps like this one after their homes were destroyed.
Improvised shelter
This improvised shelter in Port-au-Prince, built from scrap metal and bits of wood, is typical of those that many people are having to live in.