New cars for 2011 shown off at Detroit Motor Show in US

11 January 2011 Last updated at 07:56

A greener Porsche and electric Fords at the first big auto show of the year in Detroit.
Buick Verano
They love a bit of smoke to help launch a new car. And that's what the North American International Auto Show is all about. Here's the all new 2012 Buick Verano compact luxury sedan getting its Detroit debut.
America's car of the year
It was also a chance to celebrate the best of the past year. Tom Stephens, General Motors vice chairman, accepts the car of the year award for the Chevrolet Volt. The car runs on electricity for 40 miles (65 km) before a backup petrol engine kicks in.
Ford Vertrek
The Ford Explorer won the truck of the year. But the company was more concerned about the future. Here's the Ford Vertrek concept vehicle.
electric future
Ford were also busy showing off their latest electric vehicles. Executive Chairman William Clay Ford is standing alongside the electrified Ford Focus. The van and other car here are also electric.
Volkswagen Passat
Volkswagen are showing off their latest Passat. Almost 5,000 journalists from more than 60 countries are attending the car show which features more than 30 worldwide vehicle debuts.
Porsche is using the show to introduce their 918 RSR hybrid concept. It has a V8 engine and two motors on the front wheels which use the energy gathered when the car brakes.
Porsche man
But how come Matthias Miller, President and CEO of Porsche, gets the big screen treatment rather than his car?
It's a bit of a traffic jam as Mercedes bosses show its new generation C-Class cars.
Mercedes SLS E-cell
And here's something that should be easy to spot on the roads. This is the Mercedes-Benz the SLS AMG E-Cel. A rather yellow looking greener vehicle.
Michelin Man
Of course Detroit isn't just about cars. They need tyres too - as these men are trying to show.