Paramore: We've had to 'sacrifice for success'

  • 16 November 2010
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Paramore's Hayley Williams
Paramore's Hayley Williams is "sensible" about looking after her singing voice

Paramore have said they've had to make "sacrifices" to achieve their current level of success.

The Tennessee rockers are currently midway through a UK arena tour - the biggest headline shows of their six-year career.

Speaking to Newsbeat, guitarist Taylor York said: "We've had to buckle down and make some sacrifices and keep working hard."

He added: "When you get to this point you burn out and it's easy to take time off."

'Normal life'

Following the release of their third album Brand New Eyes in September 2009, the fivesome have spent almost all of 2010 touring.

They've played high profile gigs including Radio 1's Big Weekend and the Reading and Leeds festival.

When asked about what sacrificies they feel they've had to make, bass player Jeremy Davis said: "Everything - pretty much having any kind of normal life.

"You don't see family, nieces and nephews. Everyone growing up, you just feel like you miss that stuff.

"Whilst everyone else is going to bed or getting ready for work the next morning, we're in a plane somewhere in some crazy part of the country."

Hayley's voice

Lead singer Hayley Williams has been open about the touring taking a toll on her voice - meaning she restricts the number of interviews she does on tour.

"She's being sensible," says York. "With our travelling, with as many shows, it's hard for any vocalist to stay healthy and keep that up. She's just being cautious.

"People get sick and people's voices go. She's fine, she's just making sure she takes care of it and be her best."

However, the band said whilst their current run of dates could be their last in the UK in support of this album they're not quite done yet.

"We haven't finished this record cycle yet," said York. "We're not viewing this as the end. We're taking it one day at a time.

"This is probably going to end the year for us in the UK - we'll end on a high note."

Paramore release new single Playing God later this month.