Kylie: Osbourne feud is 'old and boring'

Kylie Minogue and Sharon Osbourne
Kylie Minogue says she didn't want to get involved with her sister's spat

Kylie Minogue has described the public feuding between the Osbourne family and the Minogues as "old and boring".

The families have been engaged in a public spat since Sharon Osbourne left The X Factor in 2008.

Sharon's daughter Kelly recently branded The X Factor judge a "devil" after Dannii reports a bust-up with Osbourne in her forthcoming autobiography.

Kylie said: "I know that Dannii wishes that we could just get past that and let it be."

Osbourne's 'hoo-har'

X Factor judge Louis Walsh has spoken publicly about how Dannii and Sharon did not get on.

However, Kylie, speaking to Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox added: "I don't want to be too involved in this hoo-ha but I think it was definitely real at the time.

"You've kind of got the Osbournes kicking off and the Minogues kicking off and you want to defend your family - that's only right.

"If there's going to be a fuss let's make it a new one."