'My details appeared on 'porn' list'

Claire says there is no way she or her partner downloaded pornography

Personal details of 8,000 people it's claimed have downloaded porn or shared music illegally have been leaked onto the internet.

It comes after another database was leaked on Monday - that one listed 5,000 people accused of illegally sharing adult movies.

Those named on the list are mostly Sky Broadband subscribers being pursued by ACS:Law.

Many of those named have denied the charges.

In a statement, Sky said: "Following recent events, we have suspended all co-operation with ACS:Law with immediate effect. This suspension will remain in place until ACS:Law demonstrates adequate measures to protect the security of personal information."

ACS:Law say they have been the victim of a criminal attack.


Claire is a Sky Broadband customer from Shropshire whose name has appeared on one of the lists leaked onto the internet.

She received a letter three weeks ago accusing her of illegally sharing a pornographic film.

The 25-year-old told Newsbeat she's never file-shared pornography in her life.

What exactly did the letter say?

"The film was called Chubby Chasers, which is just awful, and the letter [said] I owed them £495 or they would be taking me to court in a civil law case.

"I burst into tears because I didn't recognise the name of the film, I've never uploaded or downloaded pornography in my life.

"I was distraught, really really upset."

How can you prove that you didn't do it?

"The time that I was accused of downloading the film I was in bed. It was very early morning - on a Tuesday.

"My alarm wouldn't have even gone off yet.

"My partner had been made redundant and I know damn well that he was in bed and hadn't got up and started download pornography.

"I know we didn't do it. There was no way we could have done it."

What do you want to see happen?

"I want the whole operation stopped first of all. There are a lot of innocent people who have received these letters from what I've read on forums and websites.

"I think the Information Commissioner has the power to fine up to £500,000.

"I hold responsible ACS:Law - they are the company sending out these letters.

"They accused me, they've got my data and they shouldn't be sharing it with anybody."

How has the whole thing made you feel?

"I just keep waking up in the middle of the night thinking 'What more can I say to them to prove I am innocent?'

"All I can do is deny it and tell them that I know I didn't do it... It just scares me because I work in a job where I work with vulnerable people.

"I would hate for anyone to link me to that sort of material - it's vile, the whole thing's vile.

"My employer could see it and people could link me to material I've had nothing to do with.

"I feel happy this whole thing is out in the open and people are aware of it. But I want people to realise that some of the people on the list are innocent.

"I want this stopped and I want my details taken off and I want an apology from someone."