In pictures: Schools struggle on after Pakistan floods

22 September 2010 Last updated at 06:14

Eight thousand schools are estimated to have been destroyed in the Pakistan floods but some are managing to open up again for the new term.
Students at Mahmoud Kot school
Reporter Aleem Maqbool has been touring Pakistan investigating the devastation caused by the floods in the country. Some schools are opening for the new term despite being damaged.
Pupils in class
The UK government has said it's doubling its aid to Pakistan, giving an extra £70m on top of the £64m already promised. Most of the new money will be used to help school children, rebuild farms and get people back to work.
Muhammad Shafiq
Muhammad Shafiq, 15, is a pupil at the school. His cousin Imran drowned in the floods: "He was my best friend. We played together, we were happy. He was healthy [but] the floods came suddenly and he couldn't save himself."
Mahmoud Kot school
The school in the village of Mahmoud Kot is one of those that's managed to get back up and running again. However, pupils there have experienced some very difficult times since the floods began six weeks ago.
Head teacher Allahditta Butta
Head teacher Allahditta Butta says it will take his pupils a long time to recover from the disruption of the floods. He said: "So many problems. The last months they were not in their houses, they were living in tents."
Ruined school books
Piles of textbooks show the effects of the flood waters. It's estimated 8,000 schools have been destroyed in the country. Overall, 20 million people and an area bigger than England have been hit by the disaster.
Muzammil Hussain
Fifteen-year-old Muzammil's situation is a common one. He explained: "My father used to work on a farm. But the farm's been ruined and he doesn't have job any more. We haven't got food or money."