Young Liberal Democrats on life in the spotlight

At a conference centre on Liverpool docks, Liberal Democrats have gathered for the first time since they started sharing power with the Conservatives.

It's their first time in power at Westminster for more than 60 years.

Most are pleased because they're helping to make the big decisions rather than just shouting from the sidelines.

But some are worried because they are having to back some ideas they used to strongly oppose.

Here, some young people give their views.

Martin Shapland - Chair, Liberal Youth

Martin Shapland
Martin says he's been surprised by the Tories' willingness to compromise

We're in incredibly tough times. What's impressive is that two completely different parties have put their differences aside in the national interest.

We may well be the junior party in the agreement but there's maturity on both sides.

People realise it will do the economy and the country real damage if we have juvenile arguments.

Do you trust the Tories?

It's a very good question. They're still our opposition but I've been pleasantly surprised by their willingness to compromise. I'll judge them on their record.

Sophie Bertrand - 17 - Young Liberal Democrat

Sophie Bertrand
Sophie says the Lib Dems and Tories have to work together to 'fix the mess'

We're not the only ones making compromises. We're actually managing to do many of the things we've been promising for decades.

On the cuts - well, we've got to work together to fix the mess that was left behind by Labour.

Do you trust the Tories?

Ummm, well yeah. I trust politicians in general. I'd hope that they are in it for the right reasons.

Thomas Hemsley - 19 - Young Liberal Democrat

Thomas Hemsley
Thomas says it's important the Lib Dems keep their independence

I think it's exciting. Lib Dems in the past haven't had much responsibility but we can actually do things now and help people.

Politicians can work together. It happens across Europe and in Scotland and Wales.

It's important that we keep our identity and our independence as a party though.

Do you trust the Tories?

Yes. It's good to respect your opponents. We put aside our differences and we take the tough decisions.