In pictures: Counterfeit goods

17 September 2010 Last updated at 10:40

See some of the items that have made their way into the UK, like fake stethoscopes, iPhones, straighteners and branded boots.
Fake straighteners
These fake hair straighteners were used by 17-year-old Rebecca Day from Leicestershire. Her hair ended up melting and part of her scalp was singed.
Fake iPhone box.
In the last three months, the UK Border Authority has seized 1,300 iPhones, some of which were smuggled into the country in boxes of AC adaptors.
Fake Ugg boots
Consignments of well known branded boots - which have come from China - and 32,000 labels of the brand they are copying have come from India. Fakes are being made up illegally in the UK.
Fake iPad
This is an early copy of an iPad. Firms in the Far East reverse-engineered the device within three weeks of its launch to a realistic looking copy.
Fake Black Adder DVD
The latest DVD compilation of Blackadder, made to a substandard quality, has also been copied.
Fake razors
Well known branded razors and other household products are also being picked up.
'Fake' jewellery
Listeners have been sending in their pictures of 'fake' products. This jewellery was passed off as a well-known brand and cost £85, but it's only worth about a fiver. The person who bought it says the website hasn't responded to her complaints.
'Fake' console game
Louise, from Dunstable, says she is "furious" at the site that sent her this game for her Nintendo DS, which doesn't work.
Fake branded earrings
Ashton-Kate got also caught out. She says: "These were purchased as a gift... but once receiving them, I realised they were fake."