Snow pictures from around the world

8 January 2010 Last updated at 11:12

It's not just the UK that's suffering an arctic freeze with northern Europe, the US and Asia all struggling with icy conditions.
Great Britain
This view from Nasa's Terra satellite taken on 7 January shows the UK under a blanket of snow. Thousands of schools have been closed and travel severely disrupted in the cold snap with the coldest temperatures plummeting to -22.3C (-8F) in Sutherland.
The big freeze has affected a large portion of northern Europe. Many parts of Germany have seen temperatures fall below -10C (14F). This is the view from the River Rhine in Cologne.
Eiffel Tower
Many flights have been delayed or cancelled at Orly airport in Paris and the cold spell has caused yet more problems for Eurostar trains. The snow has reached as far as Bordeaux in south-west France.
Heavy snow has caused big traffic jams around Amsterdam and Haarlem and many bus services have been affected. Services from Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport were also disrupted.
A skier braved the cold waiting for a green light on the street in Stockholm, Sweden. Forecasters are predicting temperatures of -40C (-40F) in county Dalecarlia and -20C (-4F) in Stockholm later in the week.
School buses in Nebraska
The big freeze has spread across the US with snow falling as far south as the southern states of Alabama and Georgia. Even in Miami, the temperature dropped to unaccustomed lows. These buses were photographed in Nebraska in the middle of America.
South Korean soldiers shovel away snow in Seoul
South Korean soldiers were called in to shovel away snow as icy conditions hit Seoul. Tens of thousands of civil servants and soldiers were called on to help out across the country as conditions worsened.
Skier in Beijing
Many regions of China have faced power shortages and food prices rose as the government warned of crop damage across the country. This skier was taking in the view alongside China's National Stadium, also known as the Bird's Nest, in Beijing.