Avatar 'could be a trilogy' says film director James Cameron

A scene from Avatar
The film took more than four years to make

The sci-fi film Avatar uses motion-capture animation, CGI and live action. The blockbuster will be shown in stereoscopic 3D and director James Cameron has revealed he plans to film his future movies in the same way. We spoke to the director and actors Zoe Saldana, who plays Neytiri, and Sam Worthington, who plays Jake Sully, in the epic movie.

What did you think first time you saw the film?

Zoe: It was exactly what I had imagined. Up until now all that has been talked about is the technology...the money that it cost to make this movie, and in reality this is a love story. It is a tear jerker. I am telling you I shot it for two years and finally saw it...and I was bawling!

James: I think we're all pretty satisfied, it's been a long haul. A four and a half year project, two years of design, a year of shooting and a year of post. I watched it with the actors....but yes I have to say I'm satisfied.

How was the experience filming it?

Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana plays Neytiri in the film

Zoe: My own experience with Jim has been nothing but amazing. He is tough...I am tough, I can take it. Avatar sucked two and a half years of our lives...and we went for it. But he had been living with this project for over 12 years - it's just a testament to the kind of human being he is.

Were you worried about taking the risk with this film as there's been good hype and bad hype?

Sam: I needed a job. Once you get the job Jim protects you. He's changed my life and we don't have enough time to tell you how much I love the man. You feel no hype you just do the movie to the best of your ability...and you hope everyone enjoys it.

Are you impressed with the way the actual Avatar characters turned out?

Zoe: If we do something that looks amazingly close to what our eyes tell us is real, then from the beginning to end you are in this place.

Sam: I'm glad after about 1,000 body scans we did, the subtlety of my performance registers. Hopefully after a while you forget you're watching a big blue remote control body and see my spirit.

Sam Worthington
Australian actor Sam Worthington plays Avatar's hero a paralysed marine

How has this been viewed in Hollywood - were there any concerns?

James: I think there are always concerns around a big film, always people sharpening their knives ready to carve it apart - which is going to be answered when people finally see it for themselves. We know we have got the goods with this film.

There have been rumours this is the most expensive film ever made. Is there a figure you can put on the budget - is it more than $200m?

James: Yes...we always joked about this film we jumped off a cliff and knitted a parachute on the way down. But fortunately we had a nice soft landing, the parachute just got a bit bigger.

Sam you're tipped to be the next big thing - are you prepared for what's about to hit you?

Sam: The world's is going to get a bit crazy. I'm a 33-year-old Australian and I tend to keep myself down to earth and I have mates...that keep things in perspective.

You're wearing a Guns N' Roses t-shirt. What do you make of Leona Lewis doing the theme song?

Sam: I said I wanted Axel. Jim looked at me and thought I was an idiot. Guns N' Roses could have fit in I'm sure.

Is this part one of a trilogy?

James: It could absolutely be the first of a series of films, but I can't say right now. I've got stories mapped out for two more films. But should we make some money...we will definitely make another movie.

Avatar opened in cinemas on 18 December