In pictures: Life on the front line

14 December 2009 Last updated at 08:57

See what it's like inside an FOB in Afghanistan, including where soldiers cut their hair and dry their socks.
Soldiers with Sima Kotecha at FOB Delhi
Newsbeat's Sima Kotecha is back in Afghanistan six months after her last visit and one of her first ports of call is Forward Operating Base Delhi.
Trucks at FOB Delhi
Forward Operating Bases usually house between 100 and 250 soldiers and are at the front line. If attacked they can be rapidly reinforced by nearby MOBs (Main Operating Bases) which are much bigger. Camp Bastion is an example of a MOB.
Soldiers at FOB Delhi
FOBs are on a much smaller scale than MOBs, which can be home to thousands of soldiers and are well protected with airfields.
Conditions are usually quite basic, often with no plumbing, hospital or canteen facilities.
Trucks at FOB Delhi
FOBs are usually named after places of UK or US historic military significance like Geronimo, Tombstone, Delhi and Salerno.
Soldiers cutting hair at FOB Delhi
Despite the lack of facilities soldiers take time out to make sure they have the regulation hair cut.
Socks hanging up
And some of the most annoying tasks are the same wherever you are in the world - like drying your socks.