Stars out for New Moon premiere

17 November 2009 Last updated at 09:13

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner all turned out for the world premiere of the New Twilight film, New Moon, with fans queuing up for days to see the stars.
Robert Pattinson
British actor Robert Pattinson smiles for the cameras as he arrives for the world premiere of the second Twilight film, New Moon. He said the reception in Los Angeles "was kind of crazy". The 23-year-old plays teenage vampire Edward Cullen.
Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart, 19, plays Robert Pattinson's human girlfriend, Bella Swan. She gets depressed when Edward leaves the small town where they go to school, Forks, but becomes much closer to childhood friend Jacob Black (played by Taylor Lautner).
Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner is the youngest of the main actors at 17. He is Bella's best friend and a member of the Native American Quileute tribe. He says success means he's busy: "I think the biggest thing is my schedule. But we're doing what we love."
Peter Fancinelli
Peter Fancinelli plays Edward's adoptive father, Carlisle, and the head of the Cullen family of vampires. Fans queued for days in the Westwood neighbourhood of Los Angeles to see the stars of New Moon arrive but only 800 got to stand near the red carpet.
Noot Seear and Elizabeth Reaser
Noot Seear and Elizabeth Reaser are friends in real life but enemies in New Moon. 26-year-old Seear plays Heidi, a member of the Volturi clan of vampires, seen as royalty in the vampire world. Reaser, 34, has the role of Carlisle Cullen's wife Esme.
Ashley Greene, Nikki Read, Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone
Ashley Greene, Nikki Read, Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone make up the rest of the Cullen family (Alice, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper). The Cullens leave Forks in Washington State after Bella gives herself a paper cut and Jasper has to be held back.
Gil Birmingham and Alex Meraz
Gil Birmingham and Alex Meraz play Billy Black and Paul from the Quileute tribe. Black is Jacob's father and also a friend of Bella's dad, Charlie Swan (played by Billy Burke). Meraz is a member of Jacob's pack known for his temper and angry outbursts.
Jamie Campbell Bower and Michael Sheen
British actors Jamie Campbell Bower, 20, and Michael Sheen, 40, play two of the three main members of the Volturi, who act as the police for the vampire world. Sheen plays Aro with Campbell Bower taking the role of Caius. Christopher Heyerdahl is Marcus.
Dakota Fanning and Cameron Bright
Dakota Fanning, 15, and Cameron Bright, 16, play two more members of the 32-strong Volturi guard, Jane and Alec (Jane's brother). The pair have special powers with Jane able to torture people with illusions of pain. Alec can block other vampires' senses.
Michael Welch, Justin Chon and Anna Kendrick
Michael Welch, Justin Chon and Anna Kendrick play friends of Bella at Forks high school (Mike Newton, Eric Yorkie and Jessica Stanley). Mike has a crush on Bella while Anna was her first friend after she moved from Arizona. New Moon is out on 20 November.