Top 12 Christmas toys predicted

28 October 2009 Last updated at 09:37

A list of the "dream dozen" toys expected to fly off the shelves, including some old favourites, has been unveiled.
Ben 10 Alien Force Kevins DX Action Cruiser
A green car that shoots powder-filled capsules is amongst a list of top 12 toys expected to be popular this Christmas, according to The Toy Retailers Association. Kevin Levin's DX Action Cruiser is an off-shoot from the animated TV show Ben 10 Alien Force.
LEGO Games Minotaurus
Minotaurus from Lego enables players to build the game themselves and then change it again. The average price for toys on the list is £26 - which is about £6 less than two years ago.
Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera
V-Tech's Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera is the priciest toy on the list at £49.99. It allows users to make videos and play games as well as take pictures.
Bakugan Battle Pack
The Bakugan Battle Pack is one for the boys and is all about collecting, trading and gaming with magnetic "morphing" marbles.
Monopoly City
Monopoly City reflects a trend towards the more traditional games. The new 3D twist on the old format allows players to build skyscrapers, stadiums and sewage works.
GO GO Pets Hamsters
A popular one for the girls, the GO GO Pets Hamsters are artificially intelligent and interact with their owners. The four different hamsters have different personalities.
Battle Strikers starter set
Battle Strikers are one of the cheaper options on the list and are described as "next generation turbo tops".
Bendaroos Mega Pack
A pack of 400 coloured Bendaroos are more in the mid-price range. They are flexible bendy sticks which can be used to build shapes.
Princess Peppa's Palace
Princess Peppa's Palace is another tie-in with popular TV show Peppa Pig. The palace includes a banqueting hall and thrones.
GX Racers Tightrope Terror
GX Racers Tightrope Terror is part of a large collection and is another one expected to be a hit with the boys.
Sylvanian Families Caravan
The Sylvanian Families range is another old favourite and the caravan, which includes a loo and a foldaway bed, is expected to be popular.
Transformers Movie 2 Voyagers Figures
The most popular Autobots and Decepticons from the second Transformers movie are also on the so-called "dream dozen" list.