Little Boots offers Mercury tips

Little Boots talks about this year's contenders, the success of her debut album and the video for her new single Remedy.

What is the song Remedy all about?

The song is about dancing and music being a remedy to some kind of poison in your life. I wanted to write a dark dance pop song a bit like Britney Spears' Toxic. The lyrics are not really very personal, I was more imagining a situation.

How did you feel when you first saw the video for Remedy?

I think it's great, it feels very true to me and was very easy to film. I felt really comfortable and being surrounded by keyboards always helps.

You're wearing a futuristic silver outfit in the video. Whose idea was that?

We worked together with the director, stylist and costume maker to get something that would complement the effects in the video but also be true to me and my style.

You often wear glitzy outfits. Is that something you enjoy doing?

Yeah I love the way they pick up the light, especially on stage. I'm such a magpie, I love anything shiny.

After all the hype, how do you feel now that your debut album Hands is finally out there and it reached number five in the UK album chart?

Relieved. I feel like I can get on with doing what I love and being a good musician and performer rather that worrying about hype. And top 5 album - I can die in peace.

How are you finding the festivals?

Fantastic, as someone who has never been a real festival-goer before it has been a great experience and I'm really getting into the vibe and atmosphere. Plus every festival is different.

Were you disappointed not to be shortlisted for The Mercury Prize? Who do you want to win?

No I never really considered it. I don't think my album is really that kind of album. I also think Metronomy were robbed of a nomination. Their album, Nights Out, in my opinion is one of the most creative albums of the year.

As for who I want to win, I'd go with Florence And The Machine or Bat For Lashes.

Little Boots' new single Remedy is released on August 16