Boston marathon bombing

Key points

  • The FBI launched a "potential terrorist inquiry" after two bombs at the Boston Marathon
  • The blasts left three people dead - including an eight-year-old boy - and more than 150 injured
  • At least 17 people were critically wounded, officials say, and the injuries include several amputations
  • President Barack Obama said the attack was "an act of terror" but added authorities do not yet know who carried it out
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  • Taylor Brown 
  • Victoria Park 
  • Caroline McClatchey 

Last updated 16 April 2013


Hello and welcome to our coverage of the aftermath of the two fatal explosions during Monday's Boston Marathon. The blasts, which occurred near the finish line, left three people dead and at least 40 injured.


Reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Lisa Fleisher

tweets a picture of newspaper front pages at her hotel in Boston.


Cameraman at @wfsbnews, Kevin Michael

tweets: Just watched Heavilly armed swat teams and a brigade of #Boston Police fly by Boston Common w rifles drawn out of their vehicles.


Broadcaster at @NECN, Justin Michaels

tweets: We're live down here, roads closed everywhere, @ronallennbc. Copley Square driving near impossible.


The FBI has taken over co-ordination of what it described as a "potential terrorist inquiry".


Officials say at least 17 people are critically wounded and the injuries include several amputations.


Cameraman at @wfsbnews, Kevin Michael

tweets: More National Guard & Swat - Police fly by with sirens on here off Boylston Street headed north in #Boston.


Reporter for WBZ NewsRadio in Boston, Ben Parker

tweets: At Mass Gen, where more than 2 dozen are being treated for a variety of injuries, most lower extremities. 8 critical. #wbz