New York City celebrates day without violent crime

Police officers in New York on 2 November 2012 Monday was not an especially busy day for New York City's police officers

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For the first time in living memory, New York has spent a day entirely without violent crime.

The city police department's chief spokesman said that Monday was the most bloodshed-free 24-hour period in recent history.

Not a single murder, shooting, stabbing or other incident of violent crime was reported for a whole day.

Despite a July spike in homicides, the city's murder rate is on target to hit its lowest point since 1960.

Just a few months ago, residents were living through what one tabloid newspaper called the "summer of blood".

Aggressive prevention tactics

Despite the fall in homicides, statistics point to a 3% overall rise in crime.

A New York detective recounts his days running the anti-pickpocket unit

There has also been a 9% increase in larceny, which police blame on a surge in smartphone thefts.

But killings are now down 23% compared with last year, which represents a 50-year low.

There have been 366 murders so far this year in New York City, compared with 472 at this time last year.

Experts say such a low number of homicides is highly unusual for a US city of eight million people.

Gang-plagued Chicago, Illinois, has chalked up 462 murders this year, despite having a population of about 2.7 million people.

There have been 301 murders in 2012 in the city of Philadelphia, which has 1.5 million people.

Some experts are praising the New York police department's aggressive crime-prevention tactics, notably the so-called Stop And Frisk policy, which has rooted out dozens of illegal guns.

But critics argue that it has led to hundreds of thousands of young blacks and Latinos being stopped without cause.

Chart of global murder rates

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    Comment number 324.

    Olsen 314. You make an very good point. Maybe the Mail and it's ilk should start a campaign for moer 'do-badders'. Might make their tiny minds a little calmer.

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    Comment number 323.

    A question for those who claim that their comments / opinons are not racist: do you object to being called racist, or to racism itself?

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    Comment number 322.


    I'm not sure that you know New York very well, I remember being in the South Bronx as a kid (near old Yankee Stadium) and the place was downright scary, however the place has been thouroughly gentrified as has East Harlem. These areas are certainly safer than some Haringay

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    Comment number 321.

    Fewer wallets on the streets on Cyber Monday-?

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    Comment number 320.

    @316 If you read Heller V DC, you'd have noticed the fact that the "Militia" in US law has been oft defined as pretty much the bulk of the adult citizendry regardless of membership in official military organizations. They also ruled that the opening clause did not narrow the operant clause that the rights of the people shall not be infringed. Disarming the populace is unconscionable to the free.

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    Comment number 319.

    32 Minutes ago
    Why are people so afraid to carry firearms for self defense? ... Start taking responsibility for your own survival and stop allowing the government to take away our rights!


    That right comes if you form a well regulated militia. It isn't so that you can kill the black kid living on your gated estate.

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    Comment number 318.

    Unfortunately if you replace white with black, you are called a racist!
    Only if you're white yourself. You do understand thet a white /caucasian can not be racist toward another white/caucasian, don't you?

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    Comment number 317.

    311.CURTAINS 2012

    Lets play you at your own boring game for a minute shall we?

    'We and the Canadins'

    Canadins? I didn't realise there was a country called Canadin? Oh well, at least they are on our side.

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    Comment number 316.

    following 310:

    2nd amendment: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    The reference to a militia is probably important (despite a recent legal ruling on the issue)... and probably more relevant to a newly formed country in the 1700s than the USA at the present day

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    Comment number 315.


    So the UK is "full of do gooders and will go nowhere"? Maybe you should look at history a bit more closely!

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    Comment number 314.

    Always makes me laugh when I see people use the term "do-gooder" in a pejorative sense....So it's wrong to do good? So you prefer the opposite, to do bad? Actually, looking at some of the inane vaguely right wing Daily Mail inspired posts on here, I think I have probably answered my own question.

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    Comment number 313.

    Wow, today's NYC is totally unrecognisable from the 80's and early 90's NYC that I visited. It's probably now safer than my native London. I suppose most of the credit should go to Mayor Guiliani

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    Comment number 312.

    @ 222.Observer10:
    If you omitted the derogatory tone regarding lefties from your post you might have come across as reasonable. As it stands, your aim seems to be nothing else but having a dig at the left (despite your claim) and justify racism.

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    Comment number 311.

    7 Minutes ago
    Missed Toronto, the 5th largest city (population 3 million +) in N. America. Canada does not have an equivalent to the USA's pompous NRA, so we have far more restrictions on firearms.


    We and the Canadins must be responsible for the necessity of the USA's well regulated militia with the right to bear arms after their defeat on 11/11/2013

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    Comment number 310.

    Why are people so afraid to carry firearms for self defense?....stop allowing the government to take away our rights!

    You quote firearms but the 2nd amendment states 'right to bear arms'. So are you suggesting the government shouldn't take away rights to carry anti aircraft guns? RPG's? What about weapons grade plutonium?

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    Comment number 309.

    "But you surely can't say it's justified that police target the entirety of people of a race or background?"
    No! But you may need to target groups within a race or background.
    If crime stats show high level of crime in an area is caused by white males aged 16-25 then you have to target that specific group. Unfortunately if you replace white with black, you are called a racist!

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    Comment number 308.

    230.CURTAINS 2012
    Don't forget the police's sexism in suspecting people of only one gender as responsible for a crime commited by someone whose gender they know.
    The police are eye/hair colourist too.
    Heightist, ageist etc.
    Nah, they're not. Just a tad racist. I don't mean the British Police btw, who I think are outstanding.

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    Comment number 307.

    19 Minutes ago
    Interesting that we are looking at murder rates, as evidently there are more attempted murders and fatal attacks, than actual murders, if these were shown in comparison to committed murders i think we would see a better picture.


    Are we or the Americans better at bringing attempted killings to success?

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    Comment number 306.

    I feel safer in NYC than I do in London that's for sure so this idea it's a dangerous place is crazy! I've spent time at night in the Bronx and trust me, I found it to be a friendly, welcoming place - when people bump into you they say sorry, they don't barrel through you on purpose & will gladly help you out, unlike London where the only time I saw this was during the Olympics!

  • Comment number 305.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?


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