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US election: Daily Diet - 26 October

As the election looms, the bombardment of stories, figures and headlines can be overwhelming. But no longer - we've diced and sliced a daily helping of tasty political morsels for your consumption.

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Obama gets carded and Romney tells a ghost story. And a young auteur talks to 20-something woman voters about her "first time".

Picture of the day

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The president's motorcade drove through Chicago's South Side on the way to the polling place where Obama cast a ballot on Thursday afternoon. At the polling station, an election official asked a surprised Obama for his photo ID - and he complied.

Quote of the day

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Meat Loaf was here, can you believe that?

Mitt Romney, after 65-year-old rock star Meat Loaf joined him on stage to endorse him at a rally in Defiance, Ohio.

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Random stat

17 - Number of Romney's special foreign policy advisers, out of 24, who worked in the Bush administration.

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Advert of the day

Image copyright obama campaign

New York writer and actress Lena Dunham, who is vying for the title of voice of American 20-somethings, stars in a cheeky advert for the Obama campaign entitled Your First Time aimed at voting virgins.

"Your first time shouldn't be with just anybody," she tells her peers. "You want to do it with a great guy."

Dunham says she felt great after voting for Obama in 2008, an act that turned her from a girl to a woman.

But the internet wags immediately noted that Dunham was 18 in 2004 - implying that John Kerry was not special enough to merit Dunham's first vote.

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An astrologer's guide

As if you didn't know already, this election has nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans, it's actually a choice between a Piscean and a Leo.

As the UK's Russell Grant explains, "Obama's Sun and Mercury link tensely with Neptune. This suggests the ability to cleverly bend the truth."

And on Romney: "With his Moon in Scorpio Romney could get very vindictive and like the Scorpion, will use the sting in his tail when his opponent least expects it!"

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News in a swing state

Image copyright El nuevo herald

El Nuevo Herald, the Spanish edition of the Miami Herald, reports 11 dead in Cuba from Hurricane Sandy.

Your campaign titbits

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