Navy Seal gives interview on Bin Laden book No Easy Day

Copies of a book by former Navy SEAL titled "No Easy Day" are seen on display at a bookstore in Washington, DC The book has shot to the top of US bestseller lists

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The first interview has been aired with a former US special forces member who wrote a first-hand account of the May 2011 raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

The Navy Seal, who uses the pseudonym Mark Owen, was interviewed by the US television network CBS.

Mr Owen repeated his claim that Bin Laden was shot as soon as he looked out of his bedroom, contrary to the official version of events.

The Pentagon has said it may sue Mr Owen for divulging military secrets.

In the interview, Mr Owen - who has been identified by US media as Matt Bissonnette - defended what he said was the manner of Bin Laden's death.

"If a guy sticks his head around the corner he very easily could have a gun," he told CBS' 60 Minutes programme.

"You don't wait to get that AK or the grenade thrown down the hall or the suicide vest," he added.

He said that Bin Laden was still moving after the first shot and was shot again when the Seals entered the room.

"[The Seals] couldn't see his hands. So, he could've had something. Could've had a hand grenade or something underneath his chest," Mr Owen said.

The compound in Abbottabad in north-west Pakistan where Bin Laden was shot dead Mr Owen's book contradicts the official version of Bin Laden's death at a compound in north-west Pakistan

US officials had stated he was shot only after he had ducked back into the bedroom, prompting fears he might be grabbing a weapon.

'Improper disclosure'

Mr Owen told of a later meeting with President Obama at which the Navy Seals refused to tell him which of them had shot Bin Laden.

"Pulling a trigger is easy.... It's not about who that one person was, it's about the team... that teed this whole thing up," Mr Owen said.

"Who cares who the one person is. Doesn't matter," he added.

The book was not reviewed ahead of publication by the Pentagon, CIA or the White House - and officials had warned that criminal charges could result from the improper disclosure of secret information.

The Pentagon's general counsel, Jeh Johnson, has written to the author to inform him that "in the judgment of the Department of Defense, you are in material breach and violation of the non-disclosure agreements you signed."

The Pentagon is considering "all remedies legally available to us", the letter added.


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  • Comment number 279.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 278.

    After the dodgy dossier and fully 80 odd % of Guantanemo inmates proved to be completely & utterly innnocent of any terrorism activities at all (mostly mistaken identity or simply stitched up by a neigbour who didn't like them) how can we be sure Bin Laden was even the lynch pin claimed by our "intelligence" services - hence why there should have been a trial.....

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    Comment number 277.

    Why are many people punished for crimes against humanity and some can get away with it?"

    because history is written by the victors. That's as true about Troy and Carthage as it is about WW2 and now more recent conflicts.

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    Comment number 276.

    "Must be where those completely non-looted Kuwaiti incubators went as well"

    Just like those Saddam's "baby formula factories" actually producing weapons.

    [those who don't want to remember hundreds of burning Kuwait's oil rigs& its treasonous Palestinian guest workers, are usually the same who believe Iranian ayatollahs are manufacturing baby formula in Natanz, Ishfahan and Qum.]

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    Comment number 275.

    @271 powermeerkat

    "and that of Afghan wedding parties too..."

    Thanks to the 'success' of these drone attack murders, the US will have thousands of them operating inside American borders.

    'The federal aviation administration has been asked to issue flying rights for a range of drones to carry out law enforcment fuctions..'

    -Washington Post.

    Be careful what you wish for.

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    Comment number 274.

    The real message about Bin Laden is that he failed.

    He failed to destabilise the west. The arab spring seems largely to be for liberalisation, not islamicisation.

    The west seems to be quite successful in protecting itself against muslim terrorists. And his death went unmourned and unmarked in the muslim world.

    He failed - much to the pc brigade's chagrin, no doubt.

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    Comment number 273.

    If he is now prosecuted, then he has no one to blame but himself for the revealing of military secrets

    =>did you mean "military lies"?
    ...Like the gov hating newscasts showing coffins returning from wherever their latest was is?

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    Comment number 272.

    The Americans didn't want to take him alive as a public trial would have made him a martyr & allowed him to use the World media in a new recruitment drive.

    This was also the reason he was buried at sea, since any formal burial site would become a terrorist shrine.

    Not sure I understand the fuss over this new book though, why does it matter how he was killed when his guilt was without question?

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    Comment number 271.

    "And that of Afghan wedding parties, too."

    Indeed Al-Qaida&Taliban blow up not only wedding parties, barber shops and newly built schools but even wakes for victims of their previous barbaric attacks. [well documented]

    P.S. I never believed al Qaida had only one spokesman and promulgated its messages only on Al Jazeera.

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    Comment number 270.

    There's' plenty of evidence WMD used by Saddam and Chemical Ali to kill thousands of Kurds in Halabja and other Iraqi villages were transfered just before US attack to Syria and hidden in the desert by Hafez Assad. Dad of the current Syrian homicidal dictator who now has something to use.
    Must be where those completely non-looted Kuwaiti incubators went as well

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    Comment number 269.

    The difference between today's suicide bombers and someone like Jan Palach is the manipulative b'stards that send them out.
    They are the true criminals preying on the innocent and naive.
    I just don't remember BL's main manifesto points when he stood against GWB in 2000?

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    Comment number 268.

    "The Pentagon's general counsel...has written to the author to inform him that "in the judgment of the Department of Defense, you are in material breach and violation of the non-disclosure agreements..."

    =>Yep, that's right. The pentagon doesn't want the American people to REALLY know what it gets up to, just as their gov's terror over wikileaks. Keep people in the dark about the real agenda

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    Comment number 267.

    If bin Laden didn't want killing then perhaps he shouldn't have made those idiotic videos.

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    Comment number 266.

    This man should have kept quiet about events on that particular mission, its need to know stuff, and not for public broadcast.
    If he is now prosecuted, then he has no one to blame but himself for the revealing of military secrets, and putting others in danger as a result of his actions.

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    Comment number 265.

    The US Govt doesn't want to seem like arbitrary executioners so they claim that Bin Laden was shot resisting.

    Whereas anyone with half a brain can tell that he was never going to leave that compound alive.

    Look at the problems & bad publicity the US had detaining suspects at Guantanamo & bringing them to trial, Bin Laqden would have been a thousand times worse - easier just to kill him.

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    Comment number 264.

    The official version actually demeaned the American special forces. Nobody believed that they could not stop an old man from hobbling towards a gun without shooting him. However, if he had been captured, how many hostages of many countries would have been taken and executed on TV to get him released? While he breathed, whether in prison or free, he was a danger to humanity.

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    Comment number 263.

    "And he [bin Laden] managed it from a cave in some mountains?"

    Nope, that Saudi billioner's sonny was doing it from a comfortable villa located exactly 1 km from Pakistan's General Staff Military Academy.

    [more like Bora Bora than like Tora Borqa]

    While his youngest wife was shipped by ISA from there to Yemen.
    As she herself testified.

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    Comment number 262.

    253.Swing Lowe - "......who was living behind a shield of silence provided by the state of Pakistan"

    There is not a single shread of evidence to back that claim up - it might have been the case but we just do not know......& if your standards were applied across justice then someone making a false allegation against you would see you imprisoned without due process.....

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    Comment number 261.

    Scum like BL need to be exterminated.

    Well Done USA.

    The behavior of this 1 man and his influence on the war of terror was massive.

    I was delighted when I heard he had been killed.

    I was disgusted with Pakistan for shielding him, they need to realise they are culpable for his actions and should also be punished.

  • Comment number 260.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?


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