Republican candidates on the issues

Find out the positions of the Republican primaries candidates on issues ranging from the economy to immigration and same-sex marriages.

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    • Mitt RomneyMitt Romney
    • Would reduce the corporate income tax rate, cut "non-security discretionary spending" by 5% and "tear down the vast edifice of regulations the Obama Administration has imposed on the economy"
    • Would repeal Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare overhaul, even though it is conceptually similar to a plan he supported in Massachusetts; would encourage individuals to purchase their own health insurance rather than rely on their employers
    • Would make English the official language of the US and "turn off the magnets like tuition breaks or other breaks that draw people into this country illegally"
    • "It's worth working with the insurgents in the country to encourage regime change in the country. And if all else fails, if after all the work we've done there's nothing else we can do besides take military action then of course you take military action. It is unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon"
    • Would defend a US law barring federal recognition of same-sex marriages; supports allowing states to ban abortion
    • Ron PaulRon Paul
    • Would veto any "unbalanced" budget; refuse to raise the US borrowing limit; and eliminate the income, capital gains, and estate taxes, and cut $1tr from the annual federal budget
    • Would repeal Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare overhaul; "the answer to it is turn it back over to the patient and the doctor relationship with medical savings accounts"
    • Would "abolish the welfare state" to discourage illegal immigration and end automatic citizenship for everyone born in the US
    • Openly questions his rivals' aggressive talk on Iran and calls concerns about Iran's nuclear programme "propaganda" aimed at building support for another US war
    • Supports allowing states to ban abortion and legislation "defining life as beginning at conception"; supports policy measures to facilitate homeschooling
    • Newt GingrichNewt Gingrich
      Campaign suspended
    • Would make permanent Bush-era individual income tax cuts; eliminate the capital gains tax; reduce the corporate income tax rate; and establish an "optional" 15% flat income tax
    • Would repeal Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare overhaul and offer in its place tax benefits to encourage the purchase of private health insurance
    • Would make English the official language of the US and favours "100% control" of the US-Mexico border
    • Calls for "maximum covert operations" to disrupt the Iranian nuclear programme
    • Pledges to grant home-schooling parents access to tax-payer funded extracurricular activities; website vows to "protect the frail, infirm and the elderly from the state's arbitrary decision to terminate life"
    • Rick SantorumRick Santorum
      Campaign suspended
    • Calls for a 0% tax on the manufacturing industry and on repatriated corporate profits earned overseas
    • Would repeal Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare overhaul and has said: "I was always for having the government out of the health care business and for a bottom-up, consumer-driven healthcare"
    • Would penalise employers who hire illegal immigrants
    • "We should be working with Israel right now to do what they did in Syria, what they did in Iraq, which is take out that nuclear capability before the next explosion we hear in Iran is a nuclear one and then the world changes"
    • Would push for a constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage; while a senator, was a prominent anti-abortion voice
    • Rick PerryRick Perry
      Campaign suspended
    • Would cap federal spending at 18% of GDP, which the campaign says is the average since 1960, and replace the complicated income tax code with a 20% flat rate
    • Would repeal Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare overhaul
    • Has been criticised for his support in Texas for offering children of illegal immigrants the same low university tuition rates as native-born Texans; has suggested using Predator Drones to patrol the US-Mexico border; says a fence along the entire border "does not make sense"
    • Would deploy thousands of soldiers to the US border with Mexico
    • Supports a "human life amendment" to the US constitution and an amendment barring same-sex marriage
    • Jon HuntsmanJon Huntsman
      Campaign suspended
    • Would eliminate the current system of income tax deductions and credits and lower individual and corporate tax rates; would eliminate capital gains taxes
    • Would repeal Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare overhaul, then consult with governers on a replacement, and says "we need to do a better job in harmonizing medical records"
    • Has said it would be unrealistic to deport all 12m estimated illegal aliens in the US
    • Questions the "ill-advised counterinsurgency campaign" in Afghanistan; calls for a "sober-minded" assessment of US commitments abroad
    • Supports same-sex civil unions, but says: "I stand tall and proud for traditional marriage. You can't re-open the definition of marriage, that would not be a good thing"; favours a constitutional ban on abortion
    • Michele BachmannMichele Bachmann
      Campaign suspended
    • Would reduce corporate income tax rates; opposes increases in the US debt limit
    • Would replace Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare overhaul with a system of individual health insurance plans
    • Calls for a fence along the entire US-Mexico border and will "enforce" English as the official language of the US government
    • "We have a President who devalues the special relationship with our most trusted ally, Britain, even as he bows to kings, bends to dictators, bumbles with reset buttons, and babies radical Islamists"
    • Strongly opposes same-sex marriage and is fiercely anti-abortion
    • Herman CainHerman Cain
      Campaign suspended
    • "9-9-9" plan calls for a flat 9% individual income tax, a 9% corporate income tax, and a 9% national sales tax
    • Would repeal Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare overhaul
    • "We should secure the border for real, and it would be a combination of a fence, technology, as well as possibly boots on the ground for some of the more dangerous areas"
    • "The first thing that I would do is to assist the opposition movement in Iran, that's trying to overthrow the regime"; Would deploy warships to the Persian Gulf
    • "I believe in life from conception, period. No exceptions. I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman and... I would have asked the Department of Justice to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act"

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