Obama's election hopes rest on wooing back supporters

US president Barack Obama at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles, California on 24 October 2011 Mr Obama looks to his American Jobs Act for firepower during the next election - whether it passes or not

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Obama supporters have long known that the wooing was over.

The hard reality and awkward compromise of living together has been the way of the last few years.

The President admits it, saying this election will not be as sexy as the first one.

"Back then, I was... it was still fresh and new, and I didn't have any grey hair and everybody loved the 'Hope' posters and all that, " Mr Obama joked with supporters at a campaign event in California.

"But this time it's... we've got to grind it out a little bit. We've got to grind it out."

He is doing his best to romance his would-be supporters, to remind them of some of the old magic. This is the second stage of his American Jobs Act strategy.

He is saying that if congress will not act, he will, by actively looking at ways he can get around the opposition to his plans, using executive orders.

New fire

I am out in Ohio at the moment and have been in North Carolina, and in both places I am struck by how geed up disillusioned Democrats are by this sort of fighting talk.

The unequivocal announcement about all troops leaving Iraq is particularly welcomed as a welcome burst of clarity from a president who has looked too hard for the middle ground.

He is acting as if he has been reading some advice column about "how to rekindle your marriage".

The election may not be as sexy as 2008 was, but Obama needs to stop his once faithful partners pleading a headache and simply turning over and going to sleep.

Mark Mardell Article written by Mark Mardell Mark Mardell North America editor

Is Obama right over Iraq?

The Obama doctrine says the US will only go to war if its vital interests or those of its allies are threatened, so what does that mean for Iraq?

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    Comment number 175.

    Haven't laughed this hard, in weeks...


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    Comment number 174.


    It's all about race for you?.."when you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

    trillions in new debt
    czars with no congressional oversight
    take over of banking and manf. private companies for the benefit of political friends

    ..yea..must be about race..

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    Comment number 173.


    I think you are not paying attention..

    there is no dem/rep fight...they are only fighting about How to spend the money and using the imperial govt. power..

    Neither want to return the power and money back to the states/people...which was and is the problem with all governments since the begining of human history...

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    Comment number 172.

    Oldloadr: war money being wasted

    An excerpt:
    budget deficits that actually arose in large part from Republican policies, like the Medicare Part D program and two unfunded wars, that Republicans are somewhat inhibited from offering more tax cuts today

    Why did Repubs decide to borrow to fund wars?

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    Comment number 171.

    Obama stands a good, if not Great chance of winning the election simply on the record of the GOP voting in the House and Senate. They are decimating the middle class and distorting facts to scare people into supporting legislation designed to eliminate the poor and reduce the middle class to poverty. The GOP has sold out the Great American Middle Class.

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    Comment number 170.

    President Obama will go down as one the most incompetent presidents of all time,we do not need academics in office,we need people with experience in the real world.Of course unlike the real world this fool will retire with a huge pension federally funded !

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    Comment number 169.

    Nana: The predominant white GOP resents a first black president to preside and therefore waged hateful war to block many of his proposals before it reached for debate

    They are blocking his proposals b/c he's a Democrat, not b/c of his skin color (as Cain shows)

    The irony is that Congress not working together to help us makes ALL- Repubs+Dems-look equally terrible

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    Comment number 168.

    The group trying to get the GOP nomination will say anything to get ahead of each other, while they are tearing at each other the truth has started to come out, 275% growth in after tax income for the top 1% and that is only up to 2007. It gets worse after that and the people are getting very tired of the GOP blocking of any legislation to make jobs, passing any tax cut for Rich or Big Corps.

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    Comment number 167.

    Sorry, I meant to say you might use a poster's initials PLUS the # of the comment you're replying to, but I know with the limited amt of space we end up having to abbreviate&condense everything into a sort of haiku.So you probably want to use the least # of characters possible.
    I think you might look at a career in education or politics.You think outside the box which is a blessing.

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    Comment number 166.

    Obama inherited huge mess over decades but was ready to tackle it except the GOP road blocks made it impossible. The predominant white GOP resents a first black president to preside and therefore waged hateful war to block many of his proposals before it reached for debate. According to Mitch McConnell every attempt to deny him a second term became GOP's national agenda and that is still on.

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    Comment number 165.

    re jclarkson 129 "you type what you think sounds good to you"
    i tell you what,if you typed clearly and made sense maybe we could all understand you

    lol.do you type things that don't sound good to you?do you play the devils advocate with yourself?lol,the despair of it all.where is the sense?

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    Comment number 164.


    your problem then is quite evident;you're hung up on OB.the point I'm making is regardless of who get's or who got in it will not make a biot of diffenrence.you can put M mouse in the white house for all the good it does.that's my point,regardless of left or right there is no quick fix.
    300 million people are deluded if they think politicians have the answer.

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    Comment number 163.

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    Comment number 162.

    @147 Thank you! I understand your point, but if I refer to a poster, people could get confused as to which post I refer to. Also, my posts often don't make sense unless read with the referred post in mind, so I think it's a good idea to point out where it is.

    I'm planning a junket to DC sometime in the next two years, if I do well in my exams my Da says he'll drop me off on his way to Vegas!

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    Comment number 161.

    @130 Nevertheless, I thought comment #9 was quite succinct.

    @140 You seem to hint at it, but the conclusion I draw is that both sides spend vast amounts of resources convincing the public that there is a big idealogical difference, when in fact there is not. Both parties love power, & the more money they spend, the more power they're exercising, both through taxing & spending.

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    Comment number 160.

    @108 According to Henry Kissinger, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Elections may not be sexy, but winners seem to be.

    @113 What do you know about economics? Where's your data to support your claim that an uncooperative Congress has hindered recovery? Directly from Obama's mouth? He's a biased source you know.

    @113 His screen name refers to a bandmate of Bob Marley's in the Wailers.

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    Comment number 159.

    @89 It's high time people recognise that the people who corrupt the system with political funding do so by funding BOTH SIDES!

    @90 Courtesy, in fact, of deficit spending engaged in over many years by Congresses controlled by BOTH SIDES!!

    @110 He means shortening the campaigns, leaving more time inbetween elections for actual government.

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    Comment number 158.

    157.McJakome - Does it matter? Your view of the war money being wasted is your opinion (I know it is widely held). However, there is no proof, yet, of pecuniary malfeasance on the part of any of your named suspects. With Solyndra, there is a smoking gun. Anyway, even if your point was valid; do 2 wrongs make a right? Does Obama get to spend like a drunken sailor just because GW did?

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    Comment number 157.

    Re: "Solyndragate"
    Bad and/or unwise perhaps. But how much money was wasted on this as opposed to the Iraq War? How much public money was wasted by privatizing the war in order to give pet GOP companies profits? How much money lost or stolen by Bremer Admin, Haliburton, Blackwater, etc. Does it even compare?

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    Comment number 156.

    Yes. Secrecy is purchased with wages
    Like bribes for politicians representing business interests whilst masquerading as public servants or Hawks as they're often called.


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