Mardell: A way out of the mess

President Barack Obama One way or another: Mr Obama saw many ways out of the mess but did not cite one in particular

President Barack Obama says there is a way out of the mess, and he is clear it is not House Speaker John Boehner's proposal.

He says the Republican's plan has no chance of becoming law. It's odds on the president won't have to veto it, as the Tea Party seems to have done the job for him. He's again urging people to tweet, ring, email their members of Congress and push them to reach a deal.

"There are a lot of crises in the world that we can't always predict or avoid - hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, terrorist attacks," he said.

"This isn't one of those crises. The power to solve this is in our hands. And on a day when we've been reminded how fragile the economy already is, this is one burden we can lift ourselves."

While he said he saw multiple ways forward, he didn't cite any one plan.

He did say: "The next step is a debate in the coming months on tax reform and entitlement reform - and I'm ready and willing to have that debate.

"And if we need to put in place some kind of enforcement mechanism to hold us all accountable for making these reforms, I'll support that too if it's done in a smart and balanced way."

Now the last part is interesting. It is the stated purpose of Mr Boehner's plan to revisit this all in six months time to hold Obama to account.

It is why many Republicans want an amendment to change the constitution so the US has to balance its budget.

Maybe the president isn't hinting at anything more than a commission, which would be derided by the Republicans.

But if he is willing to lock himself into making changes to health and pension programmes, that might offer a way forward.

Mark Mardell Article written by Mark Mardell Mark Mardell Presenter, The World This Weekend

Trident question comes to the surface

In 2016, the new government will have to decide whether to continue to invest in the Trident programme - and this could be a key issue in a hung Parliament, says the BBC's Mark Mardell.

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    Comment number 326.

    I object to moderator misconduct.
    Another poster misquoted me, used this to make a straw man argument, and closed this with an insult. The same poster did this twice.
    I posted that this is dishonest and the mods removed my post. The mods are in error, this did not violate the rules, and there is no longer an option to refer a wayward poster.

    I appeal to the mod of mods for fair play.

  • Comment number 325.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 324.

    Congratulations on doing your homework on the issues and for being able to change your mind based on new evidence. I gave you more glowing complements before, but the moderators were offended by my complementing you and deleted it. I guess they want people to go at it like Hannity and Coomes instead of finding common ground.
    Thats modern journalism for you.

  • Comment number 323.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 322.

    bbc = billy bob clinton

    congrats bbc

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    Comment number 321.

    no he does not care, one iota Lucy J..

    that is his "hahahahahah" that is expressed.

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    Comment number 320.


    Everything quoted in the article can be corroborated So exactly what are you claiming are"damned lies"?

    Exactly who are you to determine what anyone can or cannot afford and the biggest abomination that I have seen on this earth is the growth in the number and acceptance of people to be wholly reliant upon the largesse of government.

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    Comment number 319.

    So, let me see if i've got this straight.

    During 2009/10, when the Democrats had unassailable majorities in both houses, they burn thru $4.3TN of tax revenue and run up a deficit of $3.7TN, a total of $8TN not including the money they "borrowed" from other gov't funds.

    They choose not to agree a budget for 2011 or raise the debt ceiling at that time and it is now all the Republican's fault?

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    Comment number 318.

    To BB,
    Merck has announced its cutting 13,000 plus US jobs

    Merck announced second-quarter sales of $12.1 billion up 7 percent over last year’s quarter and profits of $2.9 billion, up 9 percent

    (more US jobs to be outsourced to China)

    Why is it the more money a US corp makes the more US jobs they send overseas?

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    Comment number 317.

    BB: Punish them and they simply outsource even more

    So its a "punishment" for corps/rich to pay the same taxes as 90% of Americans and its a "punishment" to keep jobs in America?

    Do you not care about the millions of Americans who lost their jobs to outsourcing which has destroyed their lives just so corps could make extra profit they don't need but want?

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    Comment number 316.

    BB: very affordable prices

    made from cheap ingredients, some of which may contain lead (often children's products with lead paint) or cancer-causing substances and often they break down easily when you need them most whereas a US built product lasts years and years and means that it provided a US family a livelihood

    Wal-Mart is leading the way to breakdown of American-made goods

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    Comment number 315.

    BB: tax us more, and we simply move more activities offshore and you'll get less tax out of us and end up with more unemployment

    Right now US corps have the lowest taxes in US history and US outsourcing is at highest in US history

    This is exactly what is wrong in USA

    Our politicians know what is going on but who will have the guts like John Wayne or Eisenhower or Lincoln to save USA?

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    Comment number 314.

    BB: If Dems raise Corp taxes to 100%

    No one's asking 100%. We are asking they pay the same as us for tax income percentage. If they pay a lower rate, we, too should have that lower rate. One way to bring the country together is by making equal tax rate for all

    There is no justification for offering lower tax rates for corps when they are the ones destroying US economy via outsourcing

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    Comment number 313.

    BB: "Why shouldn't corp ship jobs overseas where they can pay less taxes"

    B/c that could mean the end of USA as a superpower

    What's more important to Americans: corps profits or American jobs?

    Billy Bob, are you willing to see the end of everything America is and loves just so our corporations can make extra profit?

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    Comment number 312.

    BB: believe China has a corporate tax rate of just over 20% and have much cheaper labor costs. We cannot compete at 35% tax and union backed infalted labor costs

    We can compete but you are correct, our corps will not have as many profits and their CEOs, ect will not be able to afford that extra yacht or condo if they pay the same tax percentage as what the US govt asks of 90% of US population

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    Comment number 311.

    BB: Because of competition that we didn't have 100 years ago

    100 or so yrs ago, USA brought Chinese to USA to work/build our railroad tracks, ect
    (cheap labor back then)

    Today, USA sends our jobs to China to build our bridges, ipads, cars, ect
    (cheap labor today)

    See the difference?

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    Comment number 310.

    Lucy some thoughts.

    When companies outsource, punishing them simply encourages them to outsource more.

    You need to consider why they outsource and change conditions locally that will not only stop our companies outsourcing, but attract foreign companies to come here. Don't grab the stick, but the carrot. Low taxes, easy access to labor and markets, lower operating costs.

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    Comment number 309.

    293.LucyJ writes "US corps are making the highest profits they ever made due to outsourcing millions of US jobs/destroying millions of US livelihoods yet they think they deserve to pay less than people who lost their jobs due to outsourcing?"

    No we should lower taxes to curtail the practice of outsourcing. Punish them and they simply outsource even more.

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    Comment number 308.

    1 Hour ago
    BB: Hurting US corporations will make them go away

    You think Wal-Mart and their Chinese products would ever go away?"

    I hope not. They provide jobs and tax revenue to both the Fed and state government. They also provide products at very affordable prices. On average my grocery bills are less than half should I buy at a store like Acme.

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    Comment number 307.

    @294.LucyJ - you have it backwards. Companies move operations off shore as taxes (and labor) is much cheaper outside the US.

    I work in IT at a healthcare insurer. We have huge teams in India and the Philipines as it cost us a lot less than having those teams here. Tax us more, and we simply move more activities offshore and you'll get less tax out of us and end up with more unemployment.


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