Boston lacrosse team apologises over half-time lapdance

Grab of Doug Reffue's statement on Boston Blazers' Facebook page Boston Blazers president Doug Reffue posted an apology on the team's Facebook page

A US lacrosse team has apologised to fans outraged by a half-time show that involved scantily-clad female dancers giving a lapdance to the team mascot.

Doug Reffue, the president and general manager for the Boston Blazers, said the team was "extremely disappointed" by parts of the performance.

A video posted on YouTube shows the women taking turns to gyrate in front of the team mascot, and on its lap.

Some spectators complained, saying it was not appropriate for family viewing.

While the women dance in front of the mascot, known as Scorch, the video shows the announcer shouting: "What do you think?"

In a statement posted on the team's Facebook page, Mr Reffue said that Saturday's show "was clearly not executed according to plan".

"We had intended to provide an entertaining and fun half-time environment for our fans and that is not what transpired," he said.

The Blazers' usual dance team, the Sparks, "were not in any way involved with the planning or execution of the half-time act", he added.

The dancers were fans who had volunteered to take part in the show, Mr Reffue said. He promised that such a performance would not be repeated.

One spectator wrote on Facebook: "Whoever planned the lap dance show used poor judgement. Very disappointing and in very bad taste. My kids love the Blazers so hopefully this will never happen again."

However, other fans posting on Facebook said the performance had been an entertaining publicity stunt, with one describing it as "awesome" and another saying it was "hilarious".

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