Canada hikers find dead body of climber lost since 1989

Jasper National Park, Alberta

The corpse of an American mountaineer who fell to his death in the Canadian Rockies more than two decades ago has been found.

Hikers in Jasper National Park, Alberta found the body of William Holland, 38, last month. He tumbled down a mountain in 1989 when a snow outcrop collapsed.

The climber's body had been preserved by glacial ice, said Garth Lemke, public safety expert with Parks Canada.

"He was basically in a deep freeze for the last 21 years," Mr Lemke said.

Holland of Gorham, Maine, had reached the summit of an ice climb on Snow Mountain. An outcropping of snow he was standing on gave way and he plunged 1,000ft (300m).

Other climbers were unable to find his body before conditions forced them to call off the search. Two hikers found him earlier this month after the ice entombing his body thawed.

Mr Lemke said at least two other climbers since the 1970s who went missing in Jasper National Park have never been found.

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