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A warm welcome to my new page on the BBC News website, with my thoughts and reflections on events in the headlines - and sometimes not - across India and the rest of South Asia.

I'm based in Delhi, so working out where the world's largest democracy is going takes up most of my time. I'm also keeping an eye on Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and the Maldives - and I make frequent trips to Afghanistan where I used to be based, watching the run-up to Nato's pull-out in 2014.

You can see and hear my latest television and radio reports here as well. It's daunting trying to report on a region that covers a sixth of the world's population, so I'm keen to hear your comments and thoughts on what we're doing.

Andrew North Article written by Andrew North Andrew North South Asia correspondent


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    Comment number 3.

    Heartily Welcome..
    We really hope that your reports reflect true nature of India and rest of South Asia. Not only cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kabul..etc..but that the villages here, how people really living..what they are thinking about their life...A complete ground report...

    Explore "Bharat" from the village near forest.

    We hope your going to show this to rest of world.

    We embrace you.

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    Comment number 2.

    It would be interesting if you could cover the complex nature of Indian society, and why no government has ever faced intense nationwide protests in response to scandals (corruption, tragedies, etc). Could there ever be an 'Indian spring' similar to the Arab world, or is society too diverse and fragmented culturally to join forces?

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    Comment number 1.

    An excellent addition. Welcome! Clearly India must take much of your time - but I hope you'll spare some to keep a very beady eye on the appalling erosion of democracy, the rule of law, and freedom of the press in Sri Lanka. How in heaven's name can it be defensible to hold a Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting there in these circumstances? Canada is very arguably right. Your view?



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