Working Lives: Qatar

Nasser Al-Khater, committee member for the 2022 World Cup, talks about Qatar's ambitions for the event.

Qatar's bold winning bid to stage the 2022 FIFA World Cup put Qataris on the world stage.

The team which won the bid and is now planning how to stage the soccer tournament included many native Qataris.

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Nasser Al-Khater is a committee member of Qatar 2022, with the task of helping to organize the tournament, its facilities and staging.

The presentation he showed us was the one that helped win the World Cup bid.

With a background in banking, Nasser knows how big a deal the World Cup bid was going to be, describing it as "a life-changing moment, a defining moment in our lives."

There are now stadia to build, and transport and accommodation facilities to develop for the hundreds of thousands of fans who will come to watch the tournament.

The organizing team has to meet the challenge of creating the right conditions for those who will come to play football in the extreme desert heat.

"It's challenging but it's a great deal of fun, it's something good for the country and it's going to accelerate progress in the country."


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