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Working Lives Vancouver: Billionaire

Chip Wilson is not good at yoga - which is surprising for a man who became a billionaire by starting the successful yoga clothing company, Lululemon.

"I think people have this aura that I'm actually good at yoga and no I'm not," he says, adding: "It's maybe not my position to be good at yoga… but to figure out what the right clothing is for yoga." He is thought to be worth some $2.9bn (£1.8bn).

Athletic, with the ropey muscles and weathered skin of an outdoorsman, he takes most of his business meetings while hiking up Grouse Grind - a local mountain path that the locals call 'Mother Nature's Stairmaster'. He says if someone can't keep up, it's usually a sign they're not a good fit for his business.

Mr Wilson is a local celebrity whose new house - rumoured to be the most expensive in Vancouver - is pointed out by passing bikers.

While he knows he's objectively rich, he says that because he became wealthy later in life, it doesn't feel unusual.

"I know that I'm not lucky. I worked hard to get here. But I feel like there's no difference between now and when I started the business with $40,000 in my pocket."