Working Lives: Toulouse

Toulouse street (Pic: Jordi Paya/Flickr)

Toulouse is France's fourth-largest city; it is the centre of Europe's space industry, and is also a seat of learning full of medieval buildings.

Companies like airliner-maker Airbus have contributed to a booming economy, with Toulouse's population rising significantly in the past few decades. But it is also a historic, gastronomic city, famous for such French classics as cassoulet and the controversial goose liver dish foie gras.

Working Lives travelled to Toulouse to profile six very different people who call the city home.

Sylvian Godfroy is a lock keeper who works on the city's many canals, while Marie-Pierre Delaveau-Marot is a test pilot flying new designs for airliner giant Airbus.

Fatima Chejjar often works seven days a week at one of the city's Moroccan restaurants, while Catholic priest Father John-Christopher Connolly preaches from a makeshift chapel in his home.

Farmer Francis Mauco grows cereal and prepares the local delicacy foie gras, while 68-year-old architect Bernard Voinchet has no plans to retire because he loves his work so much.

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