Working Lives Kyoto

WATCH: Soichi Oka has to work three part-time jobs to earn a living

Soichi Oka is a graduate of one of Japan's best universities - but this 27-year-old has never had a secure job.

He is a member of what's become known in Japan as the lost generation, those who came of age during the last 20 years of economic stagnation.

But Mr Oka says his position as a part-time worker is also through choice. He says he could not face the rigorous recruitment process for a salaryman job.

Instead he runs a bar in a hotel one evening every week, and works in a cafe with some friends. But his main income comes from doing shifts as a care worker for the disabled.

Home for Mr Oka is a room in a shared house.

Making ends meet means working long hours - he regularly works six days a week - and he is worried about how he will survive in the future. He's also worried about what his workload is doing to his physical and mental health.


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