Does Mining Benefit Africa? Part 4


According to the African Union, Africa holds two fifths of the world's uranium and gold, three quarters of the world's platinum and 90% of the world's diamonds. Prices of most of these commodities are soaring on world markets.

Yet most Africans still live in poverty. Last year the UN reported that 35 of the world's poorest countries are in Africa. So what explains the failure to use Africa's riches to uplift the continents citizens? Could it be that mineral resources in Africa are a curse?

Redi Tlhabi chairs this BBC World Debate from Lusaka featuring Zambia's Finance Minister Situmbeko Muskotwane, Emmanuel Mutati from Mopani Copper Mines, natural resources activist Steve Manteaw, Clare Short from Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and Andrew de Simone from Vale Brazil.

Watch the debate - Does Mining Benefit Africa?

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Recorded on 16 June 2011. The World Debate is broadcast on BBC World News and BBC World Service.

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