Middle East

In pictures: Israel-Hamas ceasefire collapses

Image caption At least 50 people have been killed in Gaza since the ceasefire, reports say, after a ceasefire announced overnight collapsed early on Friday morning.
Image caption Truce talks in Cairo remain set to go ahead on Saturday, with members from militant groups Hamas and the Islamic Jihad included in the Palestinian delegation.
Image caption Israel's Iron Dome defensive system intercepted rockets over Beersheba in southern Israel as the ceasefire collapsed.
Image caption The deaths and injuries are mounting. More than 1,500 Palestinian and 61 Israelis have died since the latest violence began in early July.
Image caption In Israel, normal life is continuing despite air raid sirens and rocket alerts. Israeli public support is overwhelmingly in favour of the army's operation in Gaza.
Image caption Anger is evident in the West Bank as well. Palestinians have clashed with Israeli police during protests against the military operation in Gaza.
Image caption US Secretary of State John Kerry has made repeated attempts to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, but there has been no lasting truce.
Image caption The latest ceasefire was intended to last 72 hours and provide a window for humanitarian assistance to stricken Gaza, but it crumbled after only a few hours.

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