Syria crisis: Readers reflect

Syrian refugees arrive at the Turkish Cilvegozu gate border, Wednesday, Sept 4 More than two million Syrians are now registered as refugees, says the UN

As the US pushes for military action in Syria, here we bring together recently published interviews from our readers in Syria, the wider region and the US.

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Damascus diaries

Start Quote

I refuse to leave Damascus. I feel like it would be betraying my love”

End Quote Yasmin

"Even if we were to ignore the current events, the sound of an explosion or a power cut comes to remind you that you're here in Damascus still breathing in the bullets and death on a daily basis," Yasmin

"We are still carrying on with our lives and work as a way to support the state against a possible strike. We have not run away and we will not run away," Umm Ja'afar

Full story: Voices from Damascus

Fear and hope from the region

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Demetrios Nicolaides

Launching any kind of attack has the potential to threaten this sensitive region”

End Quote

"We need humanitarian intervention to protect the Syrian people," Maryam, Tehran, Iran

"Military intervention is morally justified. In fact, it's an absolute necessity," Anthony Luder, Safed, Israel

"Intervening now in Syria would be a terrible mistake," Demetrios Nicolaides, Limassol, Cyprus

"It looks as if the Syrian regime has nothing to offer its people but war," Hassan El-Saghir, Beirut, Lebanon

Full story: Regional voices

Getting on with life in Syria

Start Quote

People are mentally drained by everyday realities and worries”

End Quote Jean-Pierre, Damascus

"Life in Damascus is as normal as it can be, despite threats of an American-led strike," Safa, Damascus

"Sometimes I remember the old life and cry because I look at pictures of my country now and it's just damaged and destroyed," Logal, Tartus

"The threat of a military strikes has certainly heightened tensions. Some of my friends that were able to leave have gone to places like Lebanon," Jean-Pierre, Damascus

Full story: Syrian voices

Divided opinion in the US

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Tim Sigler

The US should have done something about the Syrian crisis much sooner ”

End Quote Tim Sigler, Florida

"The world reacts by talking, while the people of Syria react by crying and burying their family members," Tim Sigler, Jupiter, Florida

"Grudgingly, I agree with brief, muscular action in Syria. But I am quite sure that there will be some reaction from Arab states," John Rosati, Los Angeles, California

"The USA cannot afford to spend money in this manner when our economy is not very sound," Wilfred Perera, Marietta, Georgia

"I am vehemently opposed to Obama's military threat against Syria with or without the approval of the UN Security Council," Rita Addessa, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Full story: US voices

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