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Muscat seafront TV viewers in Oman can pick up a variety of stations from the region

The government operates the main broadcasters. The first private radio station launched in 2007.

The use of satellite receivers is permitted, and stations from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Yemen may be picked up. The BBC broadcasts on FM in Salalah, in the south.

A press act allows the government to censor publications for political or cultural reasons.

There are more than 20 publications, including dailies and weeklies.

There were 2.1 million internet users by June 2012 ( There is extensive filtering of pornography and material about politics and Islam.

The press



  • Radio Oman - state-run, operates Arabic and English-language networks
  • Hala FM - private, Arabic music
  • Al-Wisal - private, Arabic music
  • Hi FM - private, English-language

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