London 2012: Olympic flag arrives in Rio de Janeiro


The Olympic flag was greeted with cheers and applause in Rio de Janeiro

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The official flag of the Olympics has arrived in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, the host city of the next Games.

Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes waved the flag after stepping off the plane with other officials and Brazilian athletes who competed in London.

The flag was handed to Mr Paes on Sunday in London before the flame at the Olympic Stadium was extinguished.

The move marks the official start of Rio's preparations for the 2016 Games.

Arriving on Monday with the flag, Mr Paes was accompanied by Carlos Arthur Nuzman, president of the 2016 Games Organising Committee, Rio Governor Sergio Cabral, and the country's team of athletes.

Brazil finished 22nd in London 2012, winning 17 medals, two more than its previous best in Beijing.

Rio will be the first South American city to host the Olympics. The city has yet to construct the Olympic Park and other venues, and many have expressed concern about how much work there is to do ahead of the event.

During a visit in June, members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said that timelines were "already very tight" and that "the amount of work to be completed is considerable".

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The BBC's Quentin Sommerville in Rio says that worries about Olympic readiness are not new, but that not since Athens have there been so many questions about a host's ability to stage the Olympics.

The transport system in Rio already struggles to serve its six million people, he says.

But Mr Paes has promised to transform the city's infrastructure, and the government says all of the Olympic venues will be finished a year before the Games start.

Our correspondent says they will be helped by the fact that they have something of a dress rehearsal, when the World Cup arrives in Brazil in 2014.

As the delegation touched down, a group of demonstrators was gathered outside the airport in Rio to protest against planned evictions connected to the Olympics planning, according to the Associated Press.

The London Olympics were brought to a close on Sunday night with a spectacular musical ceremony, featuring some of the biggest names of British pop, including the Spice Girls, George Michael and Elbow.

In a separate development on Monday, a female athlete from Belarus was stripped of her gold medal in the London Olympics after failing two drugs tests.

The shot putter, Nadzeya Ostapchuk, was the first athlete to lose a medal in the 2012 Games due to doping.


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    Comment number 206.

    The games are capitalist utopia in microcosm: 100 people turn up, one gets the job (gold medal) and thousands work for nothing.
    ..casting around for some good ongoing news I focused on that great British success story Jaguar Land Rover.

    Oh! Wait a mo! ......Its an Indian company!

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    Comment number 205.

    People talk about the benefit of the games - the majority of this benefit, though very real, is intangible. The feelings of pride and positivity make for a more productive, happier populace.

    Sadly, I get the sense that the naysayers on here will never be able to understand this. I guess the glass will always be half empty for some people.

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    Comment number 204.

    @168 - er how about building some more hospitals? Repairing run down schools? Mending the roads? Building more, much needed social housing?

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    Comment number 203.

    Despite early misgivings I thought the Games were a fine statement for our country. Many friends from around the world have been very enthusiastic too, although the Aussies had a whinge!, and the USA didn't get full TV coverage.
    Good luck Rio.

    (Jeremy don't worry about the apostrophe just remember that London has a capital letter!)

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    Comment number 202.

    We can look forward to a daily update on the Olympics now.

    The "official flag" of the Olympics - its the same as any other flag with a few hoops printed on it

    Whey-hey hoorah - a flag has arrived. !!!

    That's going to change the world for the better, prevent wars orchestrated by neocolonialists, prevent famine, provide clean water, redistribute the hoarded trillions in off-shore accounts.

  • rate this

    Comment number 201.

    175 Centre

    "Perhaps you could enlighten us as to your strategy to persuade the IOC, NOCs and the Greeks of your proposal"
    This has been proposed many times and I hope will be successful. It's common sense and would save billions that could be spent on the well being of the people.
    Greece has all the facilities in place and the expense could be shared by all participating countries.

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    Comment number 200.

    Right, the party has left town. Can we go back to real news now?

  • Comment number 199.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

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    Comment number 198.

    "Sidney Monroe
    The millions who would love to leave the Britain..are prevented by work and family commitments."

    In what way, even by your creationist standards of rigour, does that answer the question posed in 175? If "millions" would love to leave Britain there is nothing to stop them moving to at least 26 other EU countries. If they value other things higher then they have made a choice.

  • rate this

    Comment number 197.


    "Dan - 'more like Africa than a mordern country?'."

    OK, forget Africa, let's just say 'the Third World'. Rio combines both global extremes of wealth, and often within a just few hundred metres. Rio has a lot to sort out in order to give a great Olympics. But like you I'm confident they will.

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    Comment number 196.

    All the doubts about Rio's suitability were raised before London, and before other events too - and they went just fine. Rio will be fine, just the press like to be negative and expect the worst right from the off.

    It will be a different Olympics from London - there is no better or worse when dealing with completely diverse cultures and settings and that is the Olympics' beauty.

    Roll on 2016 =)

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    Comment number 195.

    "You haven't lived in the USA! World News starts in the next state or even county."

    Whilst our own outward-looking press for 3 weeks had soo much output about the world's best athletes gracing our shores, be it in their evening highlights, studio discussions, radio programmes and all print media; in fact other than Bolt & Phelps you'd need a microscope to find anything non-British.


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    Comment number 194.

    olympic flag arrives in Brazil, publisher launches degree course, and yet the news on 6.2% Rail Fare increase does not warrant a have your say comments section? the way, good luck Rio!

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    Comment number 193.

    @ 136.Eddy from Waring
    So in other words, you won't be happy until you are back moaning about all the negative things we have to face.
    As a country we have enjoyed a high over the last couple of weeks, including being proud to be british. It may not last long, but we should allow people to feel that positive influence for as long as possible.

    It's sad to see people so keen to embrace depression.

  • rate this

    Comment number 192.

    189. zachary
    "£12 bn wasted on a sports day."

    Let's not worry about the couple of trillion wasted on the bankers so far.
    At least the Olympics weren't moved to the Caymen islands & ordinary people got something out of it.

    Next week we argue on why cat poo is better than dog poo

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    Comment number 191.

    175.Centres for Stuff I Heard from Some Guy

    'Perhaps you could enlighten us as to your strategy to persuade the IOC, NOCs and the Greeks of your proposal.'

    The millions who would love to leave the Britain promoted in the Olympic myth as an happy multi-cultural nirvana (hardy har har) are prevented by work and family commitments. Even PHd students should appreciate that.

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    Comment number 190.

    Arrived already? They clearly didn't send it Royal Mail.

  • Comment number 189.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

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    Comment number 188.

    Being part of the games, was the best part of my life so far, being a Games Maker. However so many people are forgetting about the Para Olympics, which for me is going to be better than the Olympics, why because people are pushing outside of there physical problems and showing the world, even with these I can win gold.. You bet Im helping them aswell... So come on get behind the Para Olympics...

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    Comment number 187.

    181. iain
    Perhaps arriving on an Air France plane was not the best start PR wise??

    No Brazilian Carriers available?

    Yes but some people in Paris paid 10 euros each to touch it so they diverted to France on the way to squeeze those last few coins out.


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