Mexican reporter: 'I covered 20 murders in one shift'


Mexican crime reporter Luz Sosa says journalists in her country "live in a vicious circle of permanent threats to silence us".

Ms Sosa, who works the newspaper El Diario in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, told the BBC World Service that recently she had to cover 20 murders in just one 12-hour shift.

She said that one of the most difficult stories she ever had to cover was the murder of her boss, Armando Rodriguez, who was shot dead in 2008 as he was preparing to take his children to school.

"I cried lots and lots," Ms Sosa said.

A young photographer at El Diario was also shot dead in September last year.

But Ms Sosa said that she has no intention to give up her job in the city which has become synonymous with Mexico's vicious drug war and counted 3,000 killings last year.

"I would prefer to die doing something like this rather than be sidelined or do nothing. I couldn't resign out of fear, and I won't do it," she added defiantly.

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