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As it happened: Queen's Baton Relay returns to Britain

    Good afternoon 15:00: Mike Weir BBC News

    We'll be bringing you the latest updates from around Jersey as the Queen's Baton Relay touches down on the British Isles for the first time on the way to Glasgow for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

    If you'd like to comment on any of the updates we're featuring today, please do email jersey@bbc.co.uk or tweet @bbcjersey.

    The plan for today 15:05:

    The Queen's Baton is scheduled to arrive at Jersey Airport some time between 15:40 and 15:55.

    Queen's Baton Relay

    The previous leg of the relay was in Gibraltar.

    Scattered showers 15:10:

    The weather forecast for Jersey today is fair or sunny periods with scattered showers.

    Wind is due to be strong at fresh force 5-6 with gusts up to 40mph, but it's warm with a high of 14C (57F).

    Check out the dedicated Queen's Baton Relay forecast.

    Tom Daley's on the news 15:15: Via Twitter

    BBC's Simon Dedman ‏tweets: @TomDaley1994 is live on #BBCnews talking ahead of his #Batonrelay moment here in #Jersey

    15:20: Mark Beaumont BBC Queen’s Baton Relay presenter

    "The type of welcome and relays that the Queen's baton has received have been far more varied than I ever imagined possible, but there has always been a warm welcome, always with a sense of pride to be a part of the Commonwealth family, and of showing off what is unique about each culture."

    as it happened
    • Queen's Baton has arrived on British soil
    • Baton carried ashore by Tom Daley
    • Listen: BBC Radio Jersey
    Daley 'might' take part in synchronised diving 15:25:

    Tom Daley tells the BBC: "The Commonwealth games is the big event for me this year. It's going to be an amazing atmosphere.

    "There are divers I could possibly do synchro with. Who knows. I don't know myself."

    Athlete guides baton home 15:30:

    The BBC's Chris Eakin says air traffic controller Simon Militis, who is one of those guiding the baton's flight into Jersey this afternoon, competed in the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002.

    He won bronze for England in the backstroke event.

    'G' for Glasgow 15:35:

    A nice close-up shot of the well-travelled baton.

    Queen's Baton

    Over the past seven months it has travelled 118,000 miles via 63 Commonwealth nations and territories.

    The journey so far 15:40:

    The Queen's Baton Relay is the main curtain raiser for the Commonwealth Games, which are being held in Glasgow between 23 July and 3 August.

    After visiting the Commonwealth countries in Asia, the baton travelled through Oceania, Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean before it made its way back to Europe last week.

    Jersey waits 15:45:

    BBC Radio Jersey tweets: BBC network television preparing for the arrival of the Queens Baton at @jerairport. #BatonRelay

    BBC crew at Jersey airport
    Landmark for Glasgow Games 15:50: Mark Beaumont BBC Queen’s Baton Relay presenter

    "There has been a great crescendo in interest on the ground, in the press and online for the Queen's baton relay in recent months, as the games get closer.

    That intensity has been even greater with the many athletes who I have met, who are making their final months of preparations.

    Landing in the British Isles is a huge landmark, and really kicks off the final countdown to Glasgow 2014."

    Roger Bannister was bearer in 1958 15:55:

    The baton has been a fixture in the build up to the Commonwealth Games since the 1958 event in Cardiff. Roger Bannister, the first athlete to run a mile in under four minutes, was a baton bearer on that occasion.

    Baton touches down 15:56:

    The Queen's Baton touches down at Jersey Airport.

    Baton plane touches down in Jersey
    Daley chats with our Edward 16:00: Via Twitter

    BBC Channel Islands News tweets: Here's our @edwardjsault interviewing @TomDaley1994 at @LHorizonHotel #jersey #baton @Batonrelay2014

    Tom Daley talks to BBC Channel Islands
    Fanfare for a baton 16:04:

    The Queen's Baton touches down in the British Isles for the first time on its epic worldwide journey to the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

    Baton touches down

    Live on the BBC News Channel now.

    secret message 16:08:

    The baton contains a sealed, secret message written by the Queen.

    Queen's Baton for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

    Her Majesty placed it inside the baton on 9 October last year at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

    Moment of handover 16:16:

    Chris Jenkins of the Commonwealth Games Association, left, hands the baton to Jersey's games representative Alan Cross.

    Baton handover

    The eye-catching titanium baton is a one-off. It was made in Glasgow and is designed to reflect the city's industrial heritage.

    It also contains gemstones representing each place it visits.

    Following the baton 16:20: Mark Beaumont BBC Queen’s Baton Relay presenter

    "It has been a privilege to follow this journey around the Commonwealth and share the stories online, radio and television.

    "The experiences along the way will give everyone who watches the Commonwealth games a far greater appreciation of who the athletes are, where they have come from, and what it means for each to compete for their nation or territory."

    See pictures and hear Mark describe his journey following the baton.

    Young swimmers to carry torch 16:26:

    Two young Jersey swimmers, Fran Stubbings and Robbie Jones, both aged 12, will accept the torch from Tom Daley.

    Fran told the BBC: "[We] were the youngest going to nationals this season so far, so we got picked to do it.

    "We will meeting him at the end of St Aubin's Bay, he will come up on the boat and we will walk with it, passing it to each other as we walk around."

    Keep an eye out for Clyde! 16:32:

    Clyde, the mascot for the Commonwealth Games, will be on hand to entertain the crowds during the Queen's Baton Relay in the Channel Islands. Here he is at the island's St Saviour's Primary School.

    Clyde the 2014 Mascot

    Named after the river that flows through Glasgow, Clyde proudly represents Scotland.

    BBC gets its hands on the baton 16:37: Via Twitter

    BBC Radio Jersey tweets: Here's the moment @Batonrelay2014 made its way into BBC Jersey hands with @jameshand and @Ireallyamcam #BatonRelay

    James Hand and Cameron Ward
    Muratti loss for Jersey 16:45:

    For a full report on Jersey's third successive Muratti Vase final defeat head over to BBC Sport.

    Jersey and Guernsey player in Muratti fixture
    Islanders prepare to welcome baton 16:50: Via Twitter

    BBC Radio Jersey tweets: Preparations underway to welcome Tom Daley and the Commonwealth Baton to St Brelade's Parish Hall in St Aubin

    Baton at St Brelade
    A very special commission 17:01:

    It has already been carried by thousands of people and will take a central role in the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

    Check out BBC's guide for all you need to know about the Queen's Baton Relay.

    Next Stop St Aubin 17:10: Via Twitter

    Kevin Jackson tweets: Next stop for the Queen's Baton will be the picturesque harbour at St Aubins in Jersey around 1745 #bbcbatonrelay

    St Aubin
    Watch baton arrival 17:15:

    Check out BBC News video coverage of the Queen's Baton arriving in Jersey as part of the global relay in preparation for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

    Daley 'a great ambassador' 17:20:

    Lord Smith of Kelvin, chairman of the Glasgow 2014 organising committee, says he is excited to have the baton back in the British Isles. He described Tom Daley as a great ambassador for the Commonwealth.

    Lord Kelvin

    Lord Kelvin chats with Cameron Ward from BBC Radio Jersey as part of live coverage of the baton's journey in Jersey.

    Crowds gather in St Aubin 17:24:

    The BBC's Mark Beaumont tweets: Growing crowds in St Aubin's ahead of @TomDaley1994 arrival with the Queen's Baton in about half an hour time

    Crowds in St Aubin

    Sara Palmer on the scene for BBC Radio Jersey says it has just started raining.

    History of the baton 17:32:

    Before 1998 the relay would only travel through England and the host nation.

    For Manchester 2002, it visited 23 countries. Melbourne 2006 was the first baton relay that reached all the nations which sent teams to the Games.

    This was continued for Delhi in 2010 and now for Glasgow.

    Tour around the British Isles 17:36:

    Today is the start of the baton's journey round the British Isles.

    It will move on to Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and Wales.

    The baton will arrive in England on 31 May and cross the border into Scotland on 14 June.

    Coming home 17:40:

    When the baton reaches Scotland, it will spend 40 days travelling around the country in the hands of 4,000 baton bearers before it is handed back to the Queen, or her representative, at the opening ceremony on 23 July.

    The message, which Her Majesty placed inside the baton before it set off in October, will then be read out.

    Badminton champion welcomes baton 17:45:

    Mark Constable represented England at badminton at the Manchester Games in 2002.

    "It's lovely that so many people have turned out," he said.

    "These kind of events inspire young people to get involved."

    Choppy ride for baton 17:55:

    Two launches and a rigid-inflatable are approaching St Aubin.

    Baton boats

    BBC reporter Ben Moore on one of the boats says conditions are "choppy".

    Daley interview booked 18:00:

    Glasgow 2014 tweets: Tune into @BBCNews from 18.15 to be first to hear from @TomDaley1994 after he's carried the Queen's Baton! #BatonRelay

    Crowds greet Queen's Baton Relay 18:05:

    The Queen's Relay Baton has arrived at St Aubin carried by Olympic diver Tom Daley.

    Tom Daley arrives in St Aubin, Jersey, with baton

    The baton landed at Jersey airport this afternoon but the ceremonial arrival by boat at nearby St Aubin gives the public a chance to take part in the occasion.

    BBC reporter Chris Eakin says the entourage passed a 'no diving sign' at St Aubin harbour.

    Jersey relay leg underway 18:10:

    Diver Tom Daley and shot-putter Zane Duquemin are carrying the Queen's baton along St Aubin harbour wall with young swimmers Fran Stubbings and Robbie Jones.

    Baton team
    Relay reception 'incredible' 18:15:

    Live on BBC News, Tom Daley says: "The crowd here are amazing and the reception is incredible and it means the Commonwealth Games are getting really close. I'm really excited. It's only 10 weeks to go."

    Tom Daley

    Crowds surround St Brelade Parish Hall as musicians sound a welcoming fanfare.

    Jersey's gift to Tom Daley 18:18:

    Tom Daley presented with a caricature painting of himself diving into St Aubin's harbour by Jersey artist Edward Blampied.

    Glasgow arrives in Jersey 18:25:

    Lord Smith of Kelvin, chairman of the Commonwealth Games organising committee, said: "The Queen's Baton Relay has returned to the British Isles and what a welcome it has received.

    "Finally, may I thank you for laying on a little slice of Glasgow weather to make me feel at home."

    Tom posts Jersey selfie 18:41:

    Tom Daley tweets: And it's back in the British isles!!! @batonrelay2014 http://instagram.com/p/n3XV4Or-n5/

    Crowds 'new' for Duquemin 18:50:

    Jersey's shot-putt hopeful Zane Duquemin tells BBC Radio Jersey: "It's been pretty crazy for me. Tom's used to this but it's new for me. I didn't expect so many people to turn out.

    Zane Duquemin and Tom Daley

    "My competition season is about to start and it's about getting in the best shape possible for Glasgow."

    Caught in the selfie act 18:54:

    BBC Radio Jersey's Ashlea Tracey tweets: Tom Daley takes a selfie with fans after carrying the Commonwealth Baton to St Brelade Parish Hall

    Tom Daley selfie
    Follow the baton 18:59:

    To follow the baton's story in the run up to the Commonwealth Games head to the BBC's Queen's Baton Relay website.

    This will include rolling live video for every day the baton is in Scotland.

    The coverage continues 19:00:

    Many thanks for following our live coverage of the Queen's Baton Relay as it touched down in Jersey.

    Its journey continues on Monday as the baton makes its way round the island.

    It will also tour the other Channel Islands, the Isle of Man before heading to Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

    The final leg of its epic global journey to the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow will involve a 40-day tour of Scotland.

    Catch up with the latest at Queen's Baton Relay at BBC News Online and on BBC Radio Jersey.


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