Call to ban wind farms in Jersey

The building of wind farms in Jersey could be banned under a proposal by a Jersey politician.

Deputy Gerard Baudains said he was alarmed by plans to build masts to test wind power on the island's reefs of the Ecrehous and Minquiers.

Jersey's Met Office has asked for permission to raise the masts to find out if the wind could be harnessed to make electricity.

Deputy Baudains said few people supported building a wind farm.

He said the States needed to ensure it had the final say on whether or not such farms should be built by banning commercial turbines under the Island Plan 2011.

It aims to balance development, conservation and urban regeneration of the island through planning policies.

Deputy Baudains is asking the States to agree to changes to the plan so that utility-scale wind farms would not be permitted in Jersey, on its reefs or in its territorial waters.

He said this could then be reviewed in the future if there was support for such a project.

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