June one of the wettest and windiest on record in Jersey

  • 8 July 2012
  • From the section Jersey

June was one of the wettest and windiest recorded in Jersey.

John Searson, senior forecaster at Jersey's Meteorological Department, said a record was broken for rainfall at Howard Davis Farm in Trinity.

He said 109.5 mm (4.5 in) of rain was recorded, the most in June since records began in 1955.

He said close to double the amount of rain for the month was measured at the weather stations at Jersey Airport and Maison St Louis.

Mr Searson said it was also was one of the windiest Junes with 57 strong wind warnings issued, an amount more usual for the winter months.

'Causing deluges'

He said: "Sunshine was lower than normal, the west parts of the island were the cloudiest and Jersey Airport only had 168 hours of sunshine.

"The lowest or dullest June on record was 151 hours, and the sunniest was 343 hours of sunshine, so it is quite clearly a very dull year."

He said the jet stream is much further south than usual.

"This is why most of these low pressure systems have been running up over the British Isles and causing deluges everywhere," he said.

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