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Water supplies diverted to Isle of Man capital

A dry-weather plan has been activated to supplement water supplies to the capital of the Isle of Man, according to the water authority.

A spokesman said the move was "normal procedure during the dry weather."

It means that water is now being diverted from Sulby reservoir to West Baldwin to boost supplies to the Douglas water treatment works.

During the summer the levels of reservoir are monitored carefully

The current stock levels were most recently recorded as 78% in Sulby, 65% in Clypse, 65% in Kerrowdhoo and 72% in West Baldwin.

Water Authority CEO, Peter Winstanley said: "It is a normal part of the authority's dry weather plan.

"As there is no significant rainfall forecast in the near future we would ask customers to be mindful of the prolonged dry spell and to continue to use water wisely," continued Mr Winstanley.

Underwater currents

The hot weather has also prompted the authority to issue a warning about the dangers of swimming in reservoirs.

Water quality manager, Karen Westcott said: "Still water may seem harmless but it can be an insidious killer which claims life in minutes."

She added: "There are dangers due to strong underwater currents, particularly if water is being drawn off through the large diameter pipes which lie beneath the surface, but it is more often the temperature of these deep bodies of water which has been the most significant factor when fatalities occur.

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