Guernsey's mild cheese shortage 'over soon'

Mild cheddar cheese from Guernsey Dairy will return to the shelves before the end of March, managers say.

Production stopped back in November because of a shortage of milk in Guernsey.

Bad weather hit local dairy farmers hard in 2012 and resulted in a significant drop in the quantity of milk being produced.

The shortage led to some milk having to be brought in from Jersey to meet demand.

The dairy said it also meant there was no surplus milk available - and that is what the dairy uses to produce cheese.

As a result production of cheese ground to a halt in November which meant that mild cheddar - which takes around three months to produce - had been in short supply.

Guernsey Dairy said that production began again at the beginning of 2013 and mild cheddar should be back on the shelves soon.

The company said that so far it had produced about 11,000kg (24,250lb) of cheese which was on a par with this time last year.

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