Guernsey Airport runway improved ahead of resurfacing

Work on Guernsey Airport runway
Image caption The main effort of the two days will be focused on strengthening the edges of the current runway

The second planned closure of Guernsey Airport will be used to strengthen the current runway before a new surface is laid.

The work is part of a two-year project to upgrade the airfield, which has a budget of £80m.

The closure on Tuesday and Wednesday will allow work to take place along the edge of the runway.

After the closure work overnight will prepare the runway for resurfacing, which is expected to begin in July.

The runway edges are where it was widened in the past and constructed with a different foundation and thinner asphalt layer than the centre section.

The closure will also see the completion of work to remove contaminated soil from the airfield.

This will be moved to the raised area outside the terminal by the main entrance, sealed in an impermeable lining, covered with top soil in preparation for being grassed in the future.

Colin Le Ray, airport director, said there would be intense activity in and around the airport to make the most of the opportunities afforded by the closure.

Image caption Work to remove 7,000 cubic metres of soil polluted by firefighting foam is due to be completed

He said: "There will be a lot of vehicles moving around the airfield and site compounds at all times and we apologise in advance for any disruption this might cause.

"We have to maintain good progress to ensure the runway reopens on time, but measures will be in place to minimise any disturbance as best we can."

The project includes the resurfacing and reprofiling of the runway to create longer safety areas and the reconstruction the concrete aprons where aircraft park.

The taxiways will also be resurfaced and realigned and new drainage, airfield ground lighting and navigational aids will be installed.

Two more two-day closures are planned on 27-28 November and 4-5 December.

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