Surfers 'gobsmacked' at Guernsey sewage report

An environmental campaign group has said it is shocked at a report that suggests scrapping plans for sewage treatment in Guernsey.

The Public Services Department spent £200,000 on the report by UK firm Metoc, which said a treatment plant would provide no environmental benefit.

Surfers Against Sewage claimed Guernsey lagged behind the rest of the world in the way it handled its sewage.

The treatment plant would cost an estimated £100m over 25 years.

Public Services Minister Bernard Flouquet said the report showed nature provided effective sewage treatment and the current system met most European and international standards.

Andy Cummins from Surfers Against Sewage said: "I'm gobsmacked. If you look around the world then Guernsey stands out as the only developed country I can think of that isn't treating its sewage responsibly.

"It will impact on the beaches and it will impact on people's health if they use the sea, and Guernsey has some beautiful beaches."

At the moment waste water, including sewage, is screened before being discharged from the Belle Greve pumping station into the Little Russel.

On Thursday the States approved an £11m upgrade to the existing station to improve the screening process.

At the time Deputy Flouquet said this was "an issue which we know many people have strong views about, so we need to have an informed debate".

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