Mini-helicopter crash lands in Dublin prison

A remote control helicopter carrying a package has crash landed in a Dublin prison yard, it is understood.

The mini-helicopter, known as a quad-copter, crash landed into the yard at Wheatfield Prison in west Dublin, after hitting a wire that is in place to prevent real helicopters from landing.

The incident is alleged to have taken place at 11.00 BST on Tuesday morning .

Prison staff intervened and handed the device to police.

A source told BBC NI: "This device is not a toy.

"Quad-copters are about 3ft in diameter. They are an expensive piece of equipment."

It is believed that a group of around 20 prisoners were waiting in the prison yard for the arrival of the quad-copter.

One of the group is believed to have been identified on CCTV removing and concealing a package from the helicopter.

The prisoner has been placed in isolation while prison staff wait for the package to leave his system.

The Irish Prison Service confirmed an incident had taken place but would not make any further comment.

Both the prison service and the police are investigating the incident.

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