Irish police warning on substance found in ecstasy tablets

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Image caption Irish police said people need to be aware of the pills to avoid further deaths

Police have issued a warning about the dangers of a substance that has been found in ecstasy tablets.

Paramethoxymethylamphetamine (PMMA) or Paramethoxyamphetamine (PMA) has been linked to a number of deaths in Ireland.

'Ecstasy' tablets are traditionally expected to contain Methylenedioxymethylamphetamine (MDMA).

Irish police and the Health Service Executive (HSE) said people need to be aware so further deaths can be avoided.

Police said PMMA and PMA had been detected in green pills with an 'Apple' logo, green pills with a 'Rolex' logo and also in white pills with a 'Mitsubishi' logo.

The police said that other pills on the drug market may also contain the substances.

PMMA has also been implicated in deaths where it is known it was taken in powder form.

In a statement, the police said: "Evidence has shown that the effect of this substance is different to MDMA, as the onset of the drug is slower, meaning that people are known to take more to achieve the feeling that they may expect from traditional MDMA.

"This has led to rapidly increased heart rate, extremely high body temperatures, respiratory failure and sometimes death.

"Ahead of the summer months and upcoming music festivals, the health service and An Garda Siochana, working together, wish to do everything possible to raise awareness with regard to the dangers of this substance and prevent any further tragic deaths."

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