In pictures: Flooding sweeps Balkans

  • 19 May 2014
  • From the section Europe
Floods have affected more than a million Bosnians - a quarter of the population - the government says. Here, villagers in Vojskova rescue pigs from the water.
In neighbouring Serbia, authorities have ordered the evacuation of Obrenovac where a river surge threatens the country's largest power plant. Emergency supplies are being brought in.
At least 35 people have died in five days of floods and the toll is expected to rise. Thousands have fled their homes.
Volunteers and police formed a human chain to help reinforce the banks of the swollen River Sava, west of Belgrade.
Torrential rain has triggered hundreds of landslides, like here in the Bosnian village of Topcic Polje.
The floods are the worst in the region since records began, 120 years ago.