In pictures: Protests after Turkey mine disaster

  • 15 May 2014
  • From the section Europe
People react as rescuers carry the body of a man out of the mine in Soma - 14 May 2014
An explosion thought to have been set off by an electrical fault caused the pit to collapse. By Wednesday night, at least 274 people were confirmed dead.
Prime Minister Erdogan, centre, is surrounded by security members as he visits the coal mine in Soma - 14 May 2014
Prime Minister Erdogan visited the site of the disaster but was booed as he arrived and had abuse hurled at him.
The main entrance of the coal mine in Soma, Turkey, Wednesday, May 14, 2014
The Turkish leader was accused of being insensitive while visiting the mine in Soma.
A man sits near graves during the funeral of a miner who died in disaster in Soma - 14 May 2014
Rescuers are still searching for more than 100 miners who remain unaccounted for.
People attend a funeral for the victim of someone who died in the mining accident in Soma - 14 May 2014
Many of the relatives still waiting for news of their loved ones gathered at the local hospital.
Protesters march to the AKP's offices in Soma after Prime Minister Erdogan's visit to the town - 14 May 2014
Mr Erdogan was forced to take refuge in a local supermarket after his visit provoked anger in the small town.
People attack the AKP offices in Soma during Prime Minister Erdogan's visit to the mining town - 14 May 2014
The crowds marched to the offices of Mr Erdogan's ruling Justice and Development Party in Soma and destroyed the building and its contents.
Riot police disperse protestors with tear gas and rubber bullets during a protest in Istanbul - 14 May 2014
There were also demonstrations on the streets of Istanbul, with police using tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters.
Riot police fire tear gas against protesters in Ankara who blame the ruling AK Party for the mining disaster - 14 May 2014
There were similar scenes in the capital Ankara as police used water cannon to stop about 800 protesters.
Protesters run away from water cannon fired by riot police during a demonstration in Istanbul - 14 May 2014
The protests look set to continue across the country, with many accusing the government and the mining industry of negligence.