As it happened: Ukraine naval base stormed in Crimea

Key points

  • Ukraine announces it is drawing up a plan to withdraw soldiers and their families from Crimea
  • Ukraine says it is leaving the Moscow-led Commonwealth of Independent States and is preparing military exercises with the US and UK
  • Pro-Russian forces storm two Ukrainian naval bases in Crimea
  • Ukraine says "hostages" taken at bases and issues ultimatum for their release
  • The latest developments come after Russia and Crimea signed a treaty on Tuesday absorbing the territory into the Russian Federation
  • Crimeans voted in favour of splitting from Ukraine in a referendum on Sunday dismissed by the West as illegal. All times GMT

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  • Nina Lamparski 
  • Sarah Fowler 
  • Sam Wilson 
  • Jasmine Coleman 
  • Richard Irvine-Brown 
  • Bernadette McCague 

Last updated 19 March 2014

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